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15 Reasons Youtube is (Silently) Killing Your Business

Looking for a video hosting sites like Youtube for your business or educational website?  Wondering if Youtube is really your best option?

I bet if you’re hosting (or planning to host) your business videos on YouTube it’s either because…

a) it’s an easy and free video hosting option…


b) you think your business video will get tons of free exposure and all that, right?

Well, it’s all good as long as all you want to do is share the latest “I love cute cats” video. Or the “OMG look at all these people acting goofy, dancing goofy, falling down goofy, singing goofy”, and that kind of silly stuff…

However, if you’re trying to build a serious business or you’re actually running a serious business, you need to be serious about where you host and handle your video content.

Here’s the thing…video hosting sites like Youtube definitely exist and they are quite different.

But let’s go through a few things first to get a good understanding of risks and rewards involved here.

The first thing you need to understand is that YouTube is not in business to help you with business (unless of course you pay for ads). YouTube is in business to help the YouTube community.

For example, if your video is playing on YouTube, there are many ways your viewers are being distracted and there’s a good chance they’ll end up on your competitors’ website… special thanks to the free video hosting bait.

Let’s break some things down:

1.  Annoying Distractions + “Related Videos” = Lost Customers

YouTube features ads (yes, from your competitors!) all around your video. Sometimes they’re in the ‘related videos’ section. Sometimes in the ‘promoted videos’ ads or the overlay ads. Yes, even banner ads at times.

These are all incredibly annoying distractions that are, in all likelihood, costing you LOST leads or customers.

Then, if your viewer manages to stay attentive throughout your video, after it finishes playing YouTube generously allows other videos, most probably belonging to your competition, to auto-play for your prospect.

Is this really the environment you want *your* future client or customer to be immersed in?

So what happens when you embed your video (that’s hosted on YouTube) on your website?

video hosting sites like youtube

2.  YouTube Branding and “Secretly Injected” Codes

Do you realize your prospects are only ONE click away from leaving your site? Did you ever notice the big, fat clickable YouTube logo on the bottom right side? One click on that and your visitor is gone like the wind.  YouTube literally siphons your visitors right off your website.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Did you know…

YouTube has another sneakier, more invisible way to grab even more customers right out from under your nose.

In every YouTube-hosted video, there’s a code that tracks the audience…YOUR audience…and makes it accessible so advertisers (and competitors) can view the demographics and run ads to them.

Let’s examine a few other reasons hosting YouTube videos on your website is not a good idea for your business.

3.  YouTube Videos Threaten Your Credibility

When a visitor lands on your site and see a video with YouTube branding on it, it’s a distraction. Sometimes it registers subconsciously and the visitor isn’t even fully aware that they’re being distracted.

Did you know…

A study was recently done by Tubular Insights, a well-known video marketing company. According to their study, more than 43% of customers believe a website’s brand can be harmed by having a branded YouTube player on it.

In that same study, they found over 68% thought the website was more credible when the site used a generic player rather than a YouTube video. Their conclusion is that using a YouTube video can negatively impact the credibility of your company.

In many cases, using any other branding besides your own can be perceived as amateurish, and posing a real threat to your business’ credibility and professionalism.

4.  1 in 5 Companies Block YouTube Browsing

If your video is hosted at YouTube, it would be reasonable to expect that your potential customers would be looking for your services there. Did you know many companies will not allow their employees to browse YouTube while they’re at work?

CNBC recommends 10 sites companies should ban to increase productivity in the workplace. YouTube comes in 2nd, to Facebook as the site people at work spend the most time on. So if your B2B customers usually browse while they’re at work, chances are, they’re not seeing your video.

5.  No Real Choice of Attention-Getting Thumbnails

When you’re relying on video to deliver your message, having an eye-catching thumbnail image is important. That’s primarily how a viewer decides if they’re going to click to watch your video or not.

YouTube limits your thumbnail choice to three random images they choose as a representation of your video, unless you’re a YouTube partner.

Basically, the new requirement that YouTube released on February 20, 2018 goes like this: “If your channel has fewer than 1,000 subscribers or fewer than 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months (ongoing) you’re not qualified to become a YouTube partner.”


6.  Difficult or Limited Ability to Customize

The ability to customize your video is very limited by YouTube. It’s possible to make a few tweaks like auto-starting the video and other basic stuff, but you really need to know some programming in order to do it properly.

7.  Inconsistent, Slow Streaming & Website Loading Speed

Slow playback, constant buffering and inconsistent streaming is enough to make a viewer give up trying to watch your video.

It can get even worse during high traffic hours.

8.  It Hurts Your On-Page SEO

As you probably know, Google owns YouTube, so any ranking or indexing that happens will be to benefit YouTube, not you and your site. You can’t depend on your videos to show up in the search results for your domain.

Even videos that do show up in the search results from your YouTube channel won’t be taking folks to your site, they’ll be going to YouTube.

9.  Your Account Can Be Shut Down (Just Like That!)

YouTube can, at its discretion, simply shut your account down with no warning, for any reason they choose, or for no reason at all.

10.  Your Video Can Disappear without Warning

YouTube, of course, sets their own guidelines and they can be incredibly arbitrary. They can take your video down for what they perceive is a violation of those guidelines. And once they’ve made their decision, it can be extremely difficult, if not altogether impossible, to get them to change their mind. Your video just ceases to exist.

11.  No Decent Customer Service

Just hope you don’t need customer service. Sending in your request may or may not get you an answer.  And even if you get a response it may not be from an actual human being.  It’s just as likely to be a canned response that offers no help.

12.  Limitations on Video Length

Unless and until you verify your Google account, you’re limited by default to uploading videos no longer than 15 minutes. Even then, YouTube could decide at any time to restrict the length, the type, even the content if they so choose.

13.  Dealing with Negative Comments

Negative comments are of course not limited to just YouTube, but it’s a known site for trolls to browse, just looking for places they can stir up trouble. They can be rude, mean or post total lies about you or your business. This can affect your sales as well as your credibility as a business owner.

14.  Your Private Videos Can Be Hijacked

If you’re a membership site owner or planning to sell training courses, you know how important it is to have a video hosting provider that secures all the time and effort you put to create these products.

If you’re considering hosting your videos on YouTube, your private videos can be stolen, downloaded and shared in torrent sites in seconds. There are tools and plugins such as YouTube Downloader and PickVideo that allow the unscrupulous black-hats of the Internet to steal from almost any video platform including Vimeo and Wistia…

15.  Missing of ESSENTIAL Marketing & Customization Features – Probably the Most Important Reason Not to Use YouTube Videos on Your Website (And probably why people are so often searching for videos hosting sites like Youtube).

One of the biggest reasons to use video in your business is to market and grow your business, right?

Video marketing serves a multitude of purposes, across a wide diversity of industries and niches, so you need a bounty of marketing features to use.

For example, with a YouTube video…

  • You can’t add your own logo to your video
  • You can’t capture leads within the YouTube player.
  • You can’t customize player colors and match it to your overall brand
  • You can’t include any timed buttons, opt-in forms or calls to action either.

So even though at first glance YouTube may seem like a good option for housing your videos, you need to understand there *is* a cost, a substantial cost, associated with this “free” platform. A boatload of missing features, disadvantages and serious risks to the growth of your business.

Don’t be fooled!

Even if you’re NEW to video marketing…

And even if you have almost no advertising budget…

There is no reason to handicap your business and limit your sales by relying on YouTube.

Why would you risk THROWING AWAY your potential customers with YouTube videos that, even when embedded on your website, distract your audience and misdirect them with endless competing ads, links and videos?!

Especially when, now, there’s a better choice!

One that allows you to carefully guide and control your audience’s movements through EVERY STEP of your sales funnel to ultimately increase your overall sales!

Meet Spotlightr

A video hosting and marketing suite that thousands of businesses use to attract millions of visitors, leads, and sales every single month.

Spotlightr solved all the problems stated above PLUS it allows you to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING inside your videos, including…

  • Customizing the player’s branding and match it to your overall brand
  • Magically appearing Opt-In Boxes for capturing verified email addresses and phone numbers within the video
  • Viral “Share This Video” Gates for driving more viral traffic
  • Display cleverly Timed “Calls to Action”
  • Make the phone ring more often with “Tap to Call Me” buttons

And maybe most importantly, secure your video content with our encryption process which makes all of those browser extensions and plugins useless when trying to steal your content.

And I haven’t even touched yet on all the OTHER capabilities you could be holding in your hands…like video heat-maps, viewer-based tracking and complete branding and customization control.

The full feature set is very extensive.  Far more than you’ll ever have with YouTube.  More than you can get with Vimeo or Wistia.

Want to see how Spotlightr works?  Sign up for a free account.  You’ll fall in love with it.

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