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Beyond video hosting

Video player that

Video Hosting Suite For Businesses, Educators, Coaches & Marketers

All growing enterprises run into the same video hosting problems. Distracting ads, unsecured videos, limited player customization, lack of important marketing features or expensive video hosting fees. The good news? Spotlightr solves them all.



You can host your videos on our rock-solid, cloud-based servers — or use ANY link from YouTube, Vimeo, AWS, Facebook and more.



There's a LOT to choose from. Timed buttons, overlays, gates and far more... scroll down the page to see all the incredible superpowers.



Publish your video anywhere you can think of. On Facebook, WordPress or your own web site with just a click of a button.



See EXACTLY how your viewers react. Spotlightr gives you all the data and split testing power you need to understand your audience.

Spotlightr Customer Testimonial Spotlightr Customer Testimonial Spotlightr Customer Testimonial Spotlightr Customer Testimonial Spotlightr Customer Testimonial

Best reviewed product on AppSumo

With 230+ 5 taco reviews

Incredibly Powerful Platform. Lightning Fast Player

Spotlightr is a revolutionary all-in-one video hosting solution with advanced analytics and a suite of video marketing tools
that helps you grow with video.

Simple, Fast and Reliable Video Hosting for Businesses

Host your videos on our cloud-based servers — or use ANY link from a third-party video hosting service
Video Cloud Hosting

Cloud Video Hosting

Upload and host your videos on our rock-solid cloud servers and Spotlightr will make sure your videos load super fast and play nice on any browsers or device.

Drag & Drop Video Uploading Global delivery, ridiculously high speed Auto-Optimized Resolutions Turbo Bandwidth on Demand! HD video quality up to 4K 360-Video Friendly

Supported Video Formats
Hybrid Video Hosting

Hybrid Video Hosting

Unlock the full potential of major video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more so you can stream videos directly from their servers w/out the distraction.

Stream videos from popular sources 100% ads-free Works with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and more. Enjoy FREE hosting — without all the distractions! Removes ads, 'related videos' and player's branding. Monetize videos you upload (or find) on social networks. Make videos 'look & feel' like yours, even if they're not

Supported Third-Party Hosting
  Fully-Customizable & Interactive Video Player
Optimized for better playback and faster delivery, even before you press play.

HTML5 Video Player That Works... Everywhere!

A fully customizable interactive player optimized for better playback and faster delivery, even before you press play.
Customize Video Branding
Your brand – your look and feel.

With the ability to customize player colors, skin and thumbnail, your player appears even more polished, more professional and above all, it fits in with the design of your website and overall brand.

Multiple Video Publishing Options

Easy embedding

Post videos and playlists to your web site using a simple auto-generated embed code.

Support For Phones and Tablets

All Browsers, OS & Devices

Your videos are optimized for mobile viewers with responsive player that scales to fit any screen size.

Share On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Built-in social sharing

Post your Spotlightr videos to any social network and they will play seamlessly.

Spotlightr Player Controls

Player Controls & Manipulation

Show or hide the controls, timeline bar, remaining time, disable pause, limit plays and dozens of other control manipulation options.

Video Ads
Timed Interactive CTAs & Annotations

Add Clickable Buttons, Annotation Links, or Email/Phone Gates at any time during your video to collect leads, build relationship, and keep viewers engaged.

Chapter Marketers
Add Marker Points (aka Chapters)

The typical attention span is about 3 minutes. Allow viewers to find exactly what they are looking for, quickly and easily by using the "Marker Points" feature.

Video Resume Play
Smart Playback w/ Auto-Resume Detection

Auto-play on every visit or only the first time? How about having your video resume at the point a visitor left? Duh, you can even trigger “auto pause” if visitors scroll down the page away from your video—and then automatically resumes play when they scroll back up.

Floating Video
“Sticky” Floating Video on Scroll

If enabled and viewer scrolls down a page, video will shrink and float, sticking it to the side of your choice instead of losing it from the view. This allows the viewers to keep an eye on the video while looking through the other content on your page.

Custom Start Time
Custom Start/End Times

Ever wanted to skip some parts on the video? For example, skipping an unimportant message or annoying ads without messing around with complicated video editing tools? With Spotlightr that's dead easy.

  Results-Driven Video Marketing Tools
Designed for driving massive viral traffic, audience engagement and new leads

Video Marketing Tools Designed for Business Growth

Use one, or a combination of our lead generating, sales boosting features to capture leads, create viral sharing traffic and drive viewers to buy...
Video Annotations
Cleverly Timed Calls to Action, Hotspots & More...

Add clickable buttons, text, images, email collector forms, tap to call icons and any other custom element that appears in the video at the precise moment you choose.

Lead Capture

Watch how fast your sales pipeline grows when you insist that people enter their name and email address before they can watch your video.

Share Locking

Attract waves of viral traffic by making your audience SHARE your video before they’re allowed to watch it.

Phone Number Leads

Force viewers to enter their phone numbers to continue watching your video. Perfect for capturing HOT VERIFIED leads to close deals over the phone.

Pay To Watch
Pay-Per-View Gates

You can set pay-per-view on any video and accept payments within the player. It’s time to start monetizing your blog and deliver premium video content.

Video Funnels
Video Funnels with Dynamic Interaction

Deliver a customized marketing message to your viewers based on their choice. For example, if someone answers ‘Yes’ to Question 1, show them page or video A, but if they answer “No”, show them page or video B next.

Video Contests
"Watch & Win” Contests for More Traffic & Engagement

Tired of your viewers dropping off halfway through the video? Use “Watch and Win” contests to entice your viewers, keep them engaged until the very end and then use the viral share feature to attract an extra flood of viral traffic.

Simulated Webinars
Automated Evergreen 'Live' Streaming Simulator

Nothing rocks conversions like the urgency of a video playing “live”. With Spotlightr Smart-Date technology, you can set up videos to play at certain dates and times on complete autopilot. This is perfect for scheduling tutorials, webinar replays, sales videos, movies, documentaries and more. No other software necessary!

Video Plays Again
On-Finish Actions

Redirect viewers to your offer or other pages as soon as they finish watching the video and more!

Pre Roll Ads
Pre-Roll & Post-Roll Ads

Display a video message or an ad at the beginning or the end of the video.

Video SEO
Video SEO for Higher Rankings

Spotlightr embed codes completely automate video SEO. Embedded Spotlightr videos are indexed and tagged by search engines and return results for your website, not YouTube.

  Video Analytics to Make Better Decisions
Discover which parts of the video the viewer watched, skipped and re-watched.

Get Valuable Insights From Your Videos

Discover who’s been watching your videos, how much of each video they have watched and make better video decisions.
Engagement Data
Engagement Graphs & Viewing Trends

Spotlightr Engagement Graphs compile your audience's viewing experience and behavior in one place. This comprehensive view conveys viewers trends, like re-watches, drop-offs, and interactions with your video. With all of this data in one place, you can quickly discover how your video content is performing or what part(s) might need some improvement.

Video Heat Maps
Viewer-Based Heatmaps

Every view generates a heatmap, which shows exactly which parts of the video the viewer watched, skipped and re-watched. Track how your video performs over time.

Optimize Videos with A/B Testing

Generate detailed reports by date, location, device as well as get quick actionable metric snapshots.

Video Analytics
Detailed Reporting

Generate detailed reports by date, location, device as well as get quick actionable metric snapshots.

  Control Access To Your Videos
Take complete control using one of the best video security available today.

Protect Your Videos From Being Stolen

Are you selling video training courses through membership sites?
Spotlightr is the #1 Video Protection for Authors, Coaches & Experts Who Sell Online!
Secure Video Content
Advanced HLS Encryption

Uploaded videos are encoded and protected with polymorphic access tokens making it impossible for others to rip off, share or download your video.

Password Protect
Password Protection

Specify a password which the viewer must enter correctly in order to watch and share your internal or private videos with a peace of mind.

Domain White List
Domain Restrictions

Take complete control of your videos by restricting the sites and domains where your videos can be played.

View Limits
View Video Once (IP-Based)

Combine the power of scarcity and video protection by enabling this option and enjoy much higher engagement from your viewers.

Private Sharing Links

Share internal videos that contain sensitive information with your team or clients.

  Marketing Automation on Steroids
Spotlightr has a built-in audience builder but plays nice with your favorite tools too.

Supercharge Your Marketing Automation

While Spotlightr comes with a built-in audience builder for a complete marketing automation, it integrates with major email service providers, marketing platforms and 750+ other apps through Zapier.
Connect Spotlightr with your favorite apps

We integrate with the top service providers to make your lead capturing process automated. We're also integrated with Zapier so you can connect Spotlightr with your favorite CRM, Email, and other applications. Send video data from Spotlightr directly into your favorite marketing automation software so you can perform your own follow-up work on the platform you are the most comfortable with.

Integrate With Marketing Platforms
Built-In Audience Builder for Marketing Automation

Every viewer or lead is automatically added in the audience builder so you can filter audience data by video watched percentage, device type, funnel answers and more. Then, broadcast emails right on the spot or schedule drip campaigns to be sent at a later time based on the audience data you choose.

Video Remarketing
Remarketing Intelligence to Recover Lost Sales

Retarget only the people who have watched a certain percentage of your video but did not buy and recover lost sales! Spotlightr lets you drop the cookie at any point in your video. You only want people who watched the first 30 seconds? All the way to the end? It is super simple and you will never waste money retargeting visitors who bounced after only a couple of seconds.

  All The Features You'll Ever Need
Take a look at the essential features you need to grow your business with video.

All The Features You Will Need!

For a complete list of features and their availability on different plans, please refer to the following spreadsheet.
  Ready to Go Pro With Video?
Spotlightr currently serves over 20,000 users who are growing their business with video.

Complete Suite of Sophisticated Video Tools

Recently we asked our users “What’s changed for the better since you started using Spotlightr?" Here's what they said...

89% have more control over their video content.

  1. Protect videos from being downloaded, shared or stolen
  2. Restrict domains where videos can be played
  3. Password-protect videos for private sharing with team or clients
  4. Limit viewers to play videos only once and create a sense of urgency
  5. Control and track who’s watching what and when.

84% report more viewer engagement and better analytics understanding

  1. Entice viewers to watch videos until the end and boost engagement
  2. Run A/B split tests of videos and know which one gets the best results
  3. Discover who has been watching your videos and for how long
  4. See exactly which parts of the video the viewers watched, skipped and re-watched and make better video decisions
  5. Pipe your viewing data into the tools you already love

59% have more leads and sales from videos than before.

  1. Display Timed & Clickable CTAs as your video plays
  2. Send your viewers to different videos or pages based on their answers
  3. Redirect viewers to desired offers as soon as they watch the video
  4. Set a Pay-Per-View lock and accept payments within the player
  5. Make the phone ring more often with "Tap to Call Me" buttons
  6. Capture VERIFIED email addresses & phone numbers within video
  7. Automate Video SEO and rank your videos high in the search engines
  8. Attract waves of free viral traffic with "Share To Watch" gates by forcing viewers to share the video before they're allowed to watch it.

Spotlightr makes video marketing better.

  1. Customize player colors and match it to your overall brand
  2. Better and faster playback delivery, even before you press play.
  3. Remove logo, ads and 'related videos' from YouTube videos
  4. Run automated, timed webinars using any video.
  5. Host unlimited number of videos without extra charges
  6. Publish videos now or schedule them to play... like whenever!
  7. Stream videos from 3rd party popular sources 100% ads-free and start monetizing videos you find on social networks.

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Spotlightr Hosting Platform

Spotlightr is a revolutionary video platform with a suite of video marketing tools that help businesses grow.

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