Playlists can be embedded to your own pages like this…

Or you can publish playlist landing pages hosted by Spotlightr like this >> Cooking Playlist


Galleries have tons of customization options available including layout, style, theme, and more.

Here’s a look at an open gallery with header image and logo >> Gallery 1

This one uses the dark theme with logo centered and description:  Gallery 2

An access code is required to open this one (code is:  5d4V9NX2TIa1Gkmo).  A ‘trailer’ or ‘preview’ video is at the top which can be played without code access:  Gallery 3

More layouts are available, as well as a paid gate using Stripe integration.  Create a free trial acccount, no credit card required, to experiment and create your perfect gallery.


Create unlimited quizzes wth 5 question types and full reporting on your student results.