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Integrated quizzes with progress tracking
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You actually can ask more from your video host...

Sure. Other video hosts are out there...but not without the cost. And cost isn’t always your monthly fee.

  • Annual lock-in for all plans above Plus
  • Weekly limits and no CTAs (unless you pay $599.00 upfront)
  • Support that’s...well, you probably read the reviews
  • No HLS encryption to actually prevent downloads
  • No flexibility for where you store your files
  • $99/mo just to get remove Wistia branding from your videos (Woof.)
  • No encryption, which actually prevent downloads
  • $0.25 for every video and audio file you upload after you’ve reached your max of...10. (The max is 10??)
  • Your data and privacy (We at Spotlightr truly have no interest in your “Elmo throwing shade” search history. You do you.)
  • Ads after every video (Including ones from your competitors...)
  • Your content’s security (Not to mention, your intellectual property)
  • No support.(Not really the point with YouTube)

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