Country & Domain Restrictions

This video is configured so that embed code only works on the domain:

It will not work when embedded anywhere else.  Here’s what it will look like on another website:

2024 04 04 11 39 33
Here is a live demo of that:

Disable Watch Page

Our videos can be embedded as well as shared via our watch pages. Watch pages are completely customizable landing pages created for every video you add to Spotlightr.

For added security, you can disable these watch pages from working if you are concerned about someone finding the link and then sharing that.

Here’s our a video embedded:

And if you visit the watch page for this video, you will see it’s been disabled and will look like this:

owner disabled

Here’s a video demo of that:

Country Restrictions

You can also configure various other privacy settings, like specifying if any particular countries should not have access to the video.

Here’s an embedded video that is restricted:

** This is restricted for all countries except for one. If you are in El Salvador it will work for you 🙂

Here is where you configure this inside of your Spotlightr dashboard:

geo domain