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Want to know how to shoot an inteview with one camera without the need of using multiple cameras to get different angles of your subject? Read this article and watch the video at the end. It’s much easier than you think.

Tip #1: Think Ahead

You have to think through when it’s most appropriate to cut to another angle and be prepared to adjust your shot accordingly. Decide whether it’s fair or appropriate to show your subject beforehand. Your goal is to capture as many visual aspects of this conversation as possible with only one camera.

Tip #2: Close-up shots ONLY during strategic points in the conversation

The close-up is your power shot. It’s the strongest emotional tool you have in your interview composition tool belt so you only want to use it during the strongest points of your content.

Every time your subject is making a key point or the conversation gets to its most dramatic or emotional points, you want to do a dramatic zoom in while they’re talking or a quick punch in just before they answer.

Then hold on that tighter shot for the drama. When the drama subsides or when the motion of the moment is reset by a new line of questioning, you can then pull back out so that when the next dramatic moment comes we’ll still have that close-up in our back pocket to go to.

Tip #3: Check your medium shots and close ups shots

The risky a variation of faking multi-camera coverage for interviews is to periodically reset your entire camera position by shooting from a more extreme angle than the normal frontal medium and close-ups were used to, it really helps to sell the audience that the project was covered with more than one camera.

Want to watch the video tutorial on how to shoot an interview with one camera ? Check it out: