Affordable video hosting that enhances and secures your LearnDash courses 

Direct integrations between Spotlightr and LearnDash allow for seamless video course delivery.  LearnDash’s video progression keeps your students on track, while Spotlightr’s HLS encryption secures your videos against piracy.

All of that with industry-leading video marketing features that enhance your brand and grow your audience.

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Built For Courses

Since 2013 we’ve been serving video courses and engaging students.

Spotlightr takes your LearnDash video courses to a whole new level.  See for yourself why thousands of people choose Spotlightr.  Sign up for a free 2 week trial, no credit card required.  It’s completely risk free!

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One-click update

Have a new version of a video lesson?  No need to change embed codes.  Just upload the new file and all of your embeds update automatically.

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Works with LearnDash video progression

A direct integration with Spotlightr means that LearnDash’s video progression feature works seamlessly with us.

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Customizable galleries for lessons or leads

Create customizable gallery pages and add multiple videos to it for free lessons, bonus lessons, or use them to collect leads.

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Searchable transcriptions

Videos automatically transcribed, captioned, and searchable.

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Track all student plays

Our supplementary WordPress plugin automatically tracks all student activity.  See what they watched, didn’t watch, and their quiz performance.

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Add quizzes to videos

Choose from 5 different quiz types and add your quiz inside the video at any time during the video

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Increase student engagement & learning

Disable ‘seek’ on the timeline so students can’t skip ahead, and add prompts that must be clicked to continue watching.

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Complete student reporting

Every student has a profile page that includes all activity on every Spotlightr video.  All plays, video completions, quiz results, and more.

1. Your video courses are your lifeblood

Our advanced HLS encryption prevents piracy 

Every video you upload to Spotlightr is encrypted using advanced HLS encryption.  That means no more piracy via browser extensions and plugins.  Your content is safe.

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Simple & Intuitive

Simple to use, yet packed with features.  The perfect balance of functionality and usability.

We’ve built our interface to be as easy-to-use as possible, while still maintaing dozens of features you can’t find anywhere else.  Gathering feedback from our customers over the last 10+ years, we are on the 5th (and best) iteration of our interface.

2. Simple Intuitive
3. Our WordPress plugin makes it even easier
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Our WordPress plugin makes it even easier

Our lightweight plugin faciliates uploading, adding videos and tracking students.

Upload and publish your videos inside your WordPress dashboard and add to your courses with our custom blocks.  Students get tracked across all video lessons.

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Student video analytics & tracking

Track every student across all Spotlightr activity with full reporting

Every student is tracked and everything they watch is recorded. What videos were watched, how much was watched, what was watched multiple times. See their gallery views and get quiz results. All reports can be exported.

4. Student video analytics tracking
5. Video marketing tools that facilitate growth 1

Video marketing tools that facilitate growth

Collects more leads with easy to use templates to add opt-in forms inside your videos.  Create free lesson pages with email gates.

Integrates with your favorite email service provider like MailerLite and Mailchimp.


Let’s answer some of the common questions we get.

If you want to see our full list of features, click the handy button below.

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Do I have to use your WordPress plugin to use Spotlightr with LearnDash.

No, it’s optional.  Without it we still work with LearnDash and the video progression feature and you can still track all of your student activity.

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Do you work with other LMS plugins?

Yes, we work with any WordPress plugin.  We also work just fine without any plugins at all.

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Do you have monthly plans?

Yes we offer monthly and yearly billing for all of our plans.  You do get a discount when paying yearly.

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Can you help me get set up?

Yes of course.  After you sign up for a trial, get in touch with us via the chat widget on your dashboard.  We’ll do everything we can to help get you set up and rolling!

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Chat & email support

We don’t just say support is important.  We walk the walk.  We’ll do everything we can to get your questions answered and help you get everything set up.
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Extensive documentation

We’ve spent an incredible amount of time on our documentation.  Our help docs have everything you need to get your video course online and purring.

Get THE video host that’s built for creating, marketing, & protecting your course the way you envision it.

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