One All-Inclusive New Plan. Upgraded Infrastructure Technology. A Lightning Fast New Player.

Get ready for our biggest updates to date. We’ve reimagined Spotlightr to make it faster, more functional, and more affordable.

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Get Access To All Of Spotlightr For $29/Month

Our new Polaris plan is ideal for anyone using video to educate and grow their audience and business. It includes every current Spotlightr feature, plus 100 GB of storage and 100 GB of CDN bandwidth.


**Available right now to new accounts only.  Available to current customers on Cyber Monday – Nov. 30, 2020.**

Every Current Platform Feature Included

You want things simple.  You want them easy.  You don’t want to pore over comparison charts of different plans.  We get it.

At Spotlightr, we decided to take a different approach.

Introducing the Polaris plan.  You get access to all current features for $29/month or $289/year.

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Pay For Only What You Need And Use

The Polaris plan will include 100 GB of storage and 100 GB of CDN bandwidth.  If you need more you can add more.  With our new metered consumption add-ons you can add only what you think you’ll use in increments of 200 GB and 1 TB.

No more high priced plans for the features you want with tons of wasted storage and bandwdith that you don’t need.  Pay for only what you need and use.

* Please note that with this upgrade we will no longer offer unlimited “regular” bandwidth.  All bandwidth usage going forward will be CDN bandwidth.  More details in FAQ below.

More Global Coverage & Faster Loading

Starting November 30th all videos will be stored and delivered via the very latest in storage and CDN technology.

With dozens of added end-points, we’ve got the globe covered.  Your customers in continents all over the world will experience faster loading and super smooth playback.

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Brand New Player Release (Huge Update!)

And there’s more!  Our official launch of Spotlightr 4.2 is also coming soon.  Our target release date is Jan 12th 2021.

With lessons learned over the past 3 years since the launch of version 4, we have revamped the entire player.

More compatibility.  More modern.  Lightning fast player loading.  Smooth and consistent playback on all devices.

And all of that working flawlessly with the dozens and dozens of Spotlightr features!

With Spotlightr You Get More Control, Rock-Solid Security, And Explosive Growth Potential

All growing enterprises run into the same video hosting problems. Distracting ads, unsecured videos, limited player customization, lack of important marketing features or expensive video hosting fees.  Spotlightr solves them all.



Match your brand’s color palette, add your logo, and configure over two dozen player control and playback options.




We take security seriously.  That’s why our encryption process can protect every video you upload to prevent piracy of your valuable content.



Marketing features like opt-in forms, overlays, and annotations give every single video on your website the power to continuously generate more visitors, leads and sales.

“Create beautiful, customizable players”

I’ve had a great experience using Spotlightr with my clients. Everyone loves the player!

Love that you can create really beautiful, customizable players! The feature-set is also amazing as the Spotlightr teams actively seeks feeback and feature suggestions which they readily implement if it makes sense!

Shade O.

Business Owner

“A/B testing, video funnels, and more”

Spotlightr is full of unique features to gain new customers, to make a/b-testing, to set up complete video funnel and much, much more. The opportunity to change the completely “outfit” to match your CI is great as well.

Mattias S.

Business Owner

“Ideal for video marketers”

It has been difficult for me to find a good video player that looks professional, it is easy to use and fast enough. I have tried with four before (including Youtube, where I did not like the advertising). And it addition I can AB test videos in lading pages or blog posts to keep improving.

I like how nice, customizable and how much accurate feedback can give the player.  The player offers very good statistics about the videos (from visits to know average time watched, when people stop watching, AB testing,…). Tons of features that I would only expect on very expensive tools, here I could get included. It looks ideal for video marketers.

Raul F.

Marketing Manager

“My go-to app for embedding video”

Been using it for about a year and it’s my go-to app for embedding video on my website. Aside from being able to add call to actions, you can customize your player so it looks great on your website, even with Youtube videos.

Spotlightr is very easy to use and has a nice, easy to understand interface. You also have the option of uploading video to Spotlightr and have them host it or use a link from Youtube, Vimeo and other video platforms.

Gary S.

Founder & CEO

“Convert your visitors with video”

Spotlightr is a great way to convert your visitors with video content and match the look and feel of your brand.

Lots of options to customize your video player, from design to functionality.

Nefer L.

Marketing Consultant

New Accounts Can Upgrade To Polaris Now.  Existing Accounts Must Wait Until November 30th

If you are not yet a customer you can upgrade to a Polaris account right now.  Just head over to our homepage, sign up for a free account, and then upgrade from inside your Dashboard. 

If you are a current customer there’s nothing you need to do.  On November 30th all of your videos will be automatically upgraded to the new storage and CDN infrastructure.  And then if you want to switch over to the Polaris plan, you’ll just need to log into your Dashboard and click the button to make the switch.

And stay tuned for the release of the new player!  That will roll out automatically, so just wait for our announcements in January!

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Your Account Questions Answered…

I'm already a Free account holder. Can I upgrade right now?

Yes you can upgrade to Polaris right now.  Just log into your free account and click the Subscribe button inside your Dashboard.

What plans are available now? How is that changing on November 30th?
Right now only our Polaris plan is available for new customers.  Existing Startup customers are still able to upgrade to Enterprise.  And existing Enterprise customers are still able to downgrade to Startup.

However starting November 30, you will no longer be able to upgrade or downgrade to Startup or Enterprise.  Only our new Polaris plan will be available for purchase.

Do we have to change plans?

No, you do not have to change plans.  If you are happy with your plan you can stay.  Please be aware of one change to your Startup or Enterprise plan: starting November 30th we are no longer offering unlimited non-CDN bandwidth to Startup and Enterprise plans.  All videos will be played via CDN bandwidth only.

What happens if I switch to Polaris from Startup or Enterprise?

If you switch from Startup/Enterprise to Polaris all of your videos and account information will remain the same.  Once you switch from your Dashboard, all existing subscriptions will be canceled automatically and you wil have only your Polaris subscription.

If you currently have more than 100 GB of videos in an Enterprise account, you will need to also choose additional storage when you subscribe to Polaris in order to move over.

What's the complete breakdown of how bandwidth is going to work?

Our Polaris plan is going to include 100 GB of CDN bandwidth every month.  If you go over that limit, you will be charged an overage fee of 30 cents per GB.

If you know that you will go over that 100 GB limit every month, you can take advantage of our metered add-ons to purchase more CDN bandwidth.  It will be offered in 200 GB increments for 20 cents per GB.  If you purchase 1 TB or more, the cost is reduced to 18 cents per GB.

Starting November 30th we are no longer offering unlimited regular, non-CDN bandwidth.  All videos on Startup, Enterprise and Polaris plans will have videos delivered via the upgraded CDN network.

The vast majority of our customers do not go over their monthly CDN bandwidth limit, so this isn’t an issue for them.  To understand exactly how this will work for the plan you are on now, please see your plan’s specific question and answer.

I'm on an Enterprise plan. How does this affect me?

If you want to stay on your Enterprise plan you can stay and continue paying what you are currently paying.  Enterprise plans have the ability to purchase more storage and CDN bandwidth and that is not changing with the introduction of the Polaris plan.

What is changing is that we are no longer offering unlimited, non-CDN bandwidth with this plan.  The vast majority of our customers don’t come close to their monthly CDN limits so this won’t affect them.  If that does affect you then you will need to switch over to the Polaris plan or purchase more bandwidth on the Enterprise plan.

Just to reiterate once more…if you stay on the Enterprise plan after November 30th then the way you can purchase extra storage and bandwidth will be the same.  Click here to read about adding bandwidth on Enterprise and click here to read about adding storage on Enterprise.

I'm on a Startup plan. How does this affect me?

If you want to stay on your Startup plan, you can stay and continue paying what you are currently paying.  Startup plans don’t have the capability to purchase more storage and bandwidth and that is not changing with the introduction of the Polaris plan.  If you want more storage or bandwidth you will need to switch over to the Polaris plan.

Keep in mind that you will no longer get unlimited, non-CDN bandwidth.  The vast majority of our customers don’t come close to their monthly CDN bandwidth limits.  If that does affect you then you will need to switch over to the Polaris plan or vidoes will stop working once the monthly CDN limit is reached.

I already have Enterprise/Startup and want an additional Polaris account. How can I do that?

If you already have an Enterprise/Startup account and want to keep that and also get a Polaris account, you will need to register for a new account with a new email in order to add the Polaris account.  So you’ll first need to sign up for a free account with a new email and then upgrade to Polaris.

If you switch your Enterprise/Startup over to Polaris, your subscription to Enterprise/Startup will automatically be canceled and you will have the Polaris subscription only.


I'm on a Pro LTD plan. How does this affect me?

**UPDATED 11/18/20 with new information**

Your videos will still continue to be delivered via regular, non-CDN bandwidth and your accounts are unchanged.  

Just as our other accounts, if you’d like you can certainly upgrade to the Polaris plan.  Your existing Pro account will still stay active, and if you cancel Polaris you will default back to Pro.

If you’re already on another plan as well as Pro, for example Startup and Pro, you can also switch to Polaris. Once you switch to Polaris inside your account, your Startup account will be automatically cancelled.  Then you will be on Polaris and Pro.  If you ever cancel your Polaris account, you will default back to Pro.

P.S.  PRO LTD accounts will also be included in the release of the new player with our 4.2 release in January.  All plans on the platform will be included in the 4.2 release.

Can you tell me how much CDN bandwidth I've been using?
Yes, it’s important to know how much CDN bandwidth you’ve been using to see if our changes affect you.  Just enter you email in the field below and we’ll tell you how much CDN bandwidth you have used for July, August, and Sept of this year.  Remember this shows only CDN bandwidth and NOT non-CDN bandwith:





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