We are going to start publishing our platform updates in this blog/article style going forward to make it easy for new and current customers to check on what’s new and upcoming.  While our product board does show alot of this, we want to also include a place to show and discuss small month to month improvements in existing features.

Features Added



  • CDN optimized loading performance making your player load over 1.6 seconds faster
  • My Files Menu allowing you to manage all of your uploaded files
  • Dropbox Supported videos
  • SMPT Integration UI
  • Billing Page UI
  • Watch page created. The home page for your video.
  • Wistia video migration
  • Vimeo video migration
  • YouTube video loading, id extraction
  • Global search issues
  • SMTP validty testing
  • Deletion of files fixes
  • Account cancellation cleanup
  • Improved Themes and Colors selection
  • Saving Branding Preferences
  • Upload and unsaved changes confirmations
  • Account expiration countdown
  • Unified storage location
  • Supporting HTML in notifications
  • Purchase quantities
  • Overlays display
  • Billing data accuracy
  • App sharing settings
  • Overlay image sizing issues
  • Login issues resolvedSocial Sharing Improvements
  • v3 Accounts Migration
  • Timezone selections
  • Affiliate Program
  • Feedback Implementation

Wistia & Vimeo Account Migration

With an understanding that migrating an account and all of its’ videos from another platform is a very time consuming process we dedicated significant amount of effort this month to ensure taking that step is as painless as possible.

CDN Player Performance Optimization

We have recently released a major update to our architecture which ensures that all Spotlightr users have their players load much faster. On average this will save over 1.4s loading time for every Spotlightr video.

New Watch Page

Our Watch Page is not just a preview your video and it’s features from your dashboard. It’s also be a page that will be hosted by Spotlightr that you can use to share your video content. This gives you another option besides embedding the video.  We’ve added some customization features to that page that you can use.  These include custom header, headlines, additional content, and Facebook comments.  All of these are optional to add.

Finishing the BETA and moving forward

As a lot of you know in the last couple of months we’ve been in a closed BETA testing perio.  This is now coming to an end. We’ve been able to collect a lot of valuable feedback and would like to thank everyone who participated. This of course means that soon Spotlightr v4 will gradually roll out to public, with previous Spotlightr users being prioritized.

That’s it for April, we have a lof of existing things planned for May. Stay tuned.