This article is part of an FAQ series on video security on popular learning platforms. If you use Kajabi or are thinking about using Kajabi then the content of this short article may be of interest to you.

As a course creator looking to protect your video content then are certain things to be aware of if you are going to use Kajabi.

In this article we will cover:

– How Creators Can Download Their Own Videos

-How Visitors or Students Can Download (Pirate) Video From Kajabi

– How You Can Protect Your Videos From Piracy On Kajabi

What Is Kajabi Used For?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that allows users to create, market, and sell online courses and digital products. It’s a popular solution among online course creators because it offers everything they need to launch and grow their business in one place.

How to Download Video from Kajabi as a Creator

If you have uploaded your videos directly via the Kajabi interface then you can still access them if you need to. Unfortunately, there is no built-in way to automatically download all videos from Kajabi. If you are the course creator, you will be able to access (and download) single videos back onto your drive.

Here’s how to download a video from the Kajabi Product:

1. Go to your Kajabi Dashboard
2. Select “Products” and click on the Product you want to download videos from
3. Click on the post containing the video you want to download
4. Click on “Video Actions”, right under the video player.
5. Click on “Download Video” and save the video on your computer

Here’s how to download a video from a Kajabi Landing Page:

1. Go to your Kajabi Dashboard
2. Click on “Website”
3, Click on the page that contains the video you want to download
4. Click on “Customize”
5. Hover your mouse pointer over the Video Block
6. Click “Edit”
7. Click “Video Actions” in the editor on the side
8. Select “Download Video” and save the video to your computer

Downloading Videos from Kajabi as a Student

Yes, as a student or visitor it’s possible to download videos that are uploaded directly to Kajabi. There are many sources online pointing to how to use various browser extensions and plugins to download videos from Kajabi (as well as other course platforms and video platforms). We won’t be covering any of that.

If a browser extension is used to download videos from Kajabi (or other video hosting platforms), it’s essentially stealing materials that are copyrighted. Not only is this illegal, but it’s also unethical.

At the moment, Kajabi does not offer an “offline view” download option for students enrolled in courses created on the platform. They might take notes from other platforms that do allow it so they can watch the content offline. But at the moment it can’t be done.

Depending on how each course is structured, course creators may make other downloadable content accessible by students offline. These are usually course notes and homework the educator has chosen to incorporate in their course — not the actual videos making up the course.

How To Protect Video Courses On Kajabi

To protect your course content you will want to use a video hosting provider that encrypts the videos that are uploaded. Kajabi does partner with a 3rd party hosting provider (Wistia) however they do not encrypt their videos. They can be easily downloaded using any number of browser extensions and plugins.

Here at Spotlightr we encrypt all content that is uploaded to us by default (you can also turn that off if you don’t want it encrypted). Video content security is one of our top priorities so we are always looking for ways to improve that piece of our service.

When you upload your videos, you will notice a checkbox to encrypt your videos that is checked off by default. Just leave that checked and your videos will be protected. Browser extensions and plugins will not work and will not be able to download any working files.

Once you upload your videos to Spotlightr, you can add them to your Kajabi lessons by using their “video embed” or “custom code” blocks in their page builder.

Secure Your Video Course On Kajabi With Spotlightr

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