Following a strong AppSumo promotion we are back in our regular development lifecycle armed with a ton of new great feedback. In August we were able to bring you a few highly requested enhancements including fields for translation and audio only support.  

Features Added



  • Anonymized viewing data for privacy
  • Audio Only Support
  • Video Player Translations
  • oEmbed support
  • Vidpulse Integration
  • Mautic Integration thanks to metodoviral
  • Native iOS fullscreen
  • Replace Video Source
  • Floating Player Closing

Recent Fixes

  • Fixed overlay animations
  • Fixed chapter marker stylings
  • Reworked custom codes
  • Metadata improvements
  • SEO data improvements
  • Robots scraping improvements
  • iOS scrolling fixes
  • End-card redirect fixes
  • Reworked chapter markers
  • Handling different skins and buttons
  • Handling reactivation during registration
  • Aweber integration fixes
  • Active Campaign Integration Fixes
  • Personalized Data In Videos
  • Team account management
  • Infrastructure Stability Investments

Audio Only Support

mp3 file uploads are now supported in Spotlightr allowing you to leverage all of Spotlightr features in your podcasts and other audio material.

For the next enhancement we are planning on adding audio visualization to the player, so please let us know what else you will find useful from Spotlightr when working with your audio files.

We are looking forward to your feedback and hope you will enjoy this enhancement.

Translate Spotlightr Fields

By recognizing that you are serving Spotlightr videos to a global audience, we want to empower you to translate every single text string in Spotlightr.   We are now enabling you to translate those strings across all videos in your account (global setting) as well as on per video level.

Some other noteworthy additions from August…

Ability to Replace Video Source
You may now replace the video source without needing to change the embed code, by simply uploading a new video.

Enhanced metadata & oEmbed support
We’ve dedicated a lot of effort to ensuring Spotlightr videos are serving the right content to the robots, so you are expected to see improved sharing experiences across a variety of platforms soon.

Native iOS fullscreen
Unfortunately Safari on mobile devices does not offer an option for an HTML based video player to go full-screen. Apple is insisting on that function remaining reserved for the native iOS video player. This is why Spotlightr is providing an option to go native.

Q&A webinars 

We did have some webinars over the summer to discuss new feature as well as answer any questions, and we thank everyone who attended and participated.  You can find some of those replays on our YouTube channel.

Public Review Listing

Please take a moment to leave a review for Spotlightr, we’d appreciate it!