After significant performance optimization efforts, a lot of good feedback was gathered which we integrated as new features in August. It’s been a busy month with several major improvements, support for hundreds of new integrations as well as improved experience inside of Spotlightr, focused on the on-boarding process and support interaction.

This has had and will continue to have a tremendous positive impact on reducing bandwidth consumption and reducing load times for your videos. We are continuing to fine-tune the benchmark speeds as well as considering supporting additional, both higher and lower, resolutions.

Features Added



  • New Embedded Player & Popup Loading Optimization
  • Demo Modules (Videos, Funnels, etc.)
  • Zapier Integration
  • New Engagement Heatmap
  • 4K Resolution Support
  • 360 Video Support
  • Video Groups Management
  • New onboarding process
  • Live chat suppport
  • JavaScript API Enhancements
  • Added country filter to segments
  • HTML support for funnel questions
  • Added timeline cuepoints
  • Player speed manipulation

Recent Fixes

  • JavaScript API Enhancements
  • Faster loading of player files
  • Enhanced Segments Management
  • Improved thumbnails generation
  • Fixed deletion of files from “My Files” section
  • ClickFunnels support
  • Improved documentation articles
  • Fixed embed code generation
  • MPG support
  • Splash screen generation
  • Better branding management

Upcoming Features

  • More extensive training
  • Shared modules (Videos, Funnels, etc.)

Zapier Integration

Zapier is the “in between” tool that works to connect your digital tools and make them play nice with each other. Zapier integrates with over 500 other web applications (a monumental amount!). Zapier is ideal for connecting your web applications and automating your workflows so you can focus on the important work (and remove the manual “fluff” in your business).

I’m sure you’ve experienced working with a handful of amazing tools, only to realize that you can’t integrate them with anything! Well Zapier made sure this problem was handled and have brought together a great solution.

Check our help article on Zapier here – Set up your Zapier integration 

Timeline cue points

This is a fairly simple feature, but it can be of a great value if you are using long videos or if you just want to notify viewers at which point in the video they can check different things.

New Engagement Heatmap

With this release we also added something special to our analytics and insights for all of you who love to dig deep into video analysis. Newly added engagement heat maps will show you for each segment you select just how many viewers watched it. 

Live Chat Support

You probably already noticed this change. Per many requests we implemented live chat as an additional support system for our users. For now live chat is limited to the trial period, but this will be changed soon, bringing instant help to all of our users.

Coming in September

For the month of September we are preparing even more training materials for you. This includes training videos and new help documentation with easy to follow step by step instructions.