Throughout December we were finalizing all of the 2018 efforts, continued working on performance optimizations as well as laid out the plan for the first part of 2019.  We hope everyone had a great holiday season with friends and family and we wish you health and happiness for the new year!

Features Added



  • Main Menu Redesign
  • New download mechanism
  • Export Videos List To CSV
  • Added option to hide unmute button
  • Generating Email Link
  • New Email Fields for the Custom HTML Integration
  • File Type support error handling
  • Reports Data Validity Fixes
  • Reports Runtime Fixes
  • Added dashboard thumbnails
  • Improved Create Module UI
  • Acquisition Tracking Improvements
  • Updated Event Tracking in App
  • Reports tutorial added
  • Plans Corrections
  • Fix for forwarding query strings
  • Chapters and playlist fixes
  • Fix for duplicate sound
  • Click and touch event handling for mobile devices
  • Added option to hide unmute button
  • Download URL adjustments
  • Display time indicators fixes
  • Watch request handling improvements
  • Top Viewed Report Data Valdity Improvements
  • Checking if Host Referrer is set
  • Reverting Vimeo import to old logic
  • Facebook video thumbnails fixes
  • Storage calculation changes
  • Enhanced User Identification
  • UI Toolbar Fixes
  • RTL sites support
  • New Loader UI
  • Adding CRM Tags On Demand
  • Play Button Management Improvements
  • Performance Work (optimizing the weight of player assets)
  • Team Accounts

2019 Roadmap

We decided not to plan out the entirety of 2019 so that we may instead focus better on the first part of the year and short term objectives.

To review the individual planned additions and contribute your use-cases for consideration, please visit the ideas and planning board.

Improving bandwidth infrastructure

To provide faster streaming services we will invest heavily in improving the hosting and CDN services.

Screen-recording & Direct Import to Spotlightr

We will provide a browser extension which will allow you to record your screen and camera and allow you to directly upload the recording to Spotlightr.

Funnels Visual Buildout

Funnels have proven to be complicated to configure, which is why we will aim to simplify and improve the process of creating them, by also redesigning and enhancing the questions and answers, as well as their consequent actions.

Interactive Hotspots

For an additional layer of interactivity with your videos we will add interactive hotspots which can be positioned anywhere in the video and trigger actions like show additional content, control the video timeline, etc.

Video Access Code Management

To facilitate better access management to your videos we plan to provide a module which would enable you to dynamically generate access codes which can be set to expire, set to manage access to multiple videos etc.

Here are some noteworthy additions from December:

Main menu redesign
We’ve removed the main toolbar in the Spotlightr application and assigned all it’s functionality to the main sidebar menu thus freeing up more space and getting a better overview.

New download mechanism
Instead of generating a new download file for each request, we’ve updated the download mechanism so that now one file is generated at first, stored in your storage and always served for each new request.

Export Videos List To CSV
You may now export a list of all of your videos, publish ids, share links etc from the dashboard for easier management of your further workflows.

Added option to hide unmute button
For videos which have no audio at all, unmute / autoplay handling is obsolete, so we introduced an option not to show those options at all.

Generating Email Link
We’ve made it easier to generate links for your email campaigns by allowing you to generate linked images directly from the publish menu.

Take a moment to review Spotlightr!  We would really love it if you could support us and give us a little bit of your time.  This URL still says vooplayer but the listing is updated to our new brand: