Time for some updates!  Our last blog update was in July, so we are long overdue.  Since July we’ve updated the Spotlightr platform 15 times (about one update per week, with some weeks skipped).  We are currently on version 5.1.54.

One notable update wasn’t a feature, but pricing.  We are always striving to optimize our infrastructure, and due to some changes we’ve made over the last few months we were able to DROP our pricing for storage and bandwidth for our customers.

As of the last update in July, we mentioned adding integrations for Drip and ConvertKit.  While that’s still on the road map, it’s been pushed out.  Instead we made some other noteworthy feature additions and improvements to our gallery module, our audio support, and other player control options.  We’ll detail more on that below.


December 14th, 2023 – Current platform version 5.1.54

New Features & Improvements

Bug Fixes


  • New Bandwidth and Storage models
  • Gallery open access with “Required Signup”
  • Gallery “Video Progression” feature for all layouts
  • Audio Playlists
  • Schedule availability for videos
  • Check if still watching 
  • Autoresume optional prompt for viewer
  • Change thumbnail from dashboard
  • Google Vast (v4) ad support – 
  • 5 WordPress plugin updates. Current version 0.1.9
  • Pre and post rolls now in themes
  • Allow watch page content on Playlist pages
  • Change playerSettings via API
  • Tag improvements
  • Subtitles support for additional languages
  • Improved vimeo migration from Wistia and Vimeo
  • Dialog UI Improvements
  • Enhanced Date filters in Video Reporting
  • App UI improvements
  • Theme preview settings improvements
  • Error handling improvement: video source unavailable
  • Updating timeline comments in real time
  • Video insights performance improvements
  • Enable Disable Quiz Notifications
  • Billing Portal Update
  • Gallery sidebar UI improvements
  • Dashboard tables Improvements
  • Audio file replace source
  • Team account sign up improvements
  • Team user password reset
  • Additional API events
  • Volume 0 set muted so background audio can continue
  • Gallery embed access positioning
  • Further expanded mobile playlist
  • Password protect lock fixes
  • Fixed Button hover color issue
  • Password lock conflict if on Theme
  • Show playlist on load fixes
  • Gallery display and playback fixes
  • Comments display fix
  • Auto-resume fix for YT videos
  • Fix for adding translations to transcriptions
  • Quizzes pass / fail math for custom points
  • Transcription and translation fixes
  • Analytics fixes
  • Disable Forward Seek Fix
  • Markers Options fixed
  • Video thumbnail fixes
  • Adding Drip integration
  • Adding ConvertKit integration
  • Improving upload speeds
Audio Playlists

Brought to you by popular demand as more and more customers add their podcasts and audio lessons to Spotlightr.  We now support audio files in our playlist module.  Here is a demo:

Schedule video availability

We’ve been slowly getting requests for this feature over the years and we’ve finally been albe to squeeze it in.  Just set your video to be available on a certain date, and the video won’t work until that date:

2023 12 13 11 12 35

This feature can be found in Settings >> Advanced.

Support for Google VAST v4

We now support Google VAST v4 for generating ad revenue for your videos.  Here is a demo of how the ad displays on your video:

Gallery Access – Require Signup

We’ve added a new way for your audience to gain access to your galleries, and with it a new way for you to generate leads.  

Here we’ve set up a demo gallery to show you how this works.  This particular gallery is using our ‘side bar’ template and light theme.  It’s configured with a welcome video as well.

You can access the gallery via the Spotlightr hosted gallery page.

Leads are collected inside of your Spotlightr account where they can also be exported.

You can also embed it onto a page or show it as a pop-up.  To learn and see more demos published as embedded and pop-ups please check this dedicated article on galleries.

Here’s what’s next…

Drip and ConverKit are still out there.  Right now we are making even more infrastructure updates that should have a positive impact on performance and cost.

Early in 2024 we should be making some updates that will allow for faster upload speeds across the globe, and especially for our customres in Europe and Asia.

We appreciate you!