In December we’ve reorganized our team and have laid out the roadmap for 2018 which focuses on continuing to provide excellent service and improving the stability and performance of our video hosting solution. Additionally we will be implementing major improvements to a lot of our processes as well remodel how Spotlightr fits into your suite of applications.

Features Added



  • Instagram videos support
Recent Fixes

  • Video crash fixes
  • Further video format support
  • Live streaming scheduling
  • Storage capacity improvements
  • Auto-resume fixes
  • Video creation fixes
  • Bandwidth usage improvements
  • “Live” streaming functionality improvements
  • Video loading time improvements
  • Custom start and end time improvements
  • Ocean Themes WP plugin conflict resolutions
  • Expanding the vooAPI() functionality
  • Funnel question location preview
  • More extensive support & training
  • Rework of overlays and annotations

In 2018 we will be focusing on the following strategic goals

  • Extending live support hours to provide higher quality and better coverage for issue resolutions
  • Enhancing documentation and training materials
  • Significant investments in our system’s infrastructure in order to provide better performance
  • Making Spotlightr integrations with other marketing applications more powerful and straightforward
  • Improving major processes and modules inside of the application to provide better user experience
  • Increasing the stability and reliability of our development, testing and deployment cycles
  • Implementing outstanding improvement user feedback gathered throughout 2017

As you will appreciate, larger scale efforts such as these require a lot of prep work which we were focusing on in December, which is why we haven’t worked on any major new features.

We wish you a happy new year and a lot of future business successes.