Happy New Year!  It’s going to be an exciting 2022.

As mentioned in our previous update, new plans were coming and they have indeed arrived.  Right before Christmas we rolled out our Spark and Aurora plans to join the Polaris plan.  We hope these 3 plans serve to fit our audience better, with features and services that scale with you.

With each plan consumption limits can be increased, so it’s not necessary to move to a new plan if your storage and/or bandwidth requirements change.  We are trying to stay as flexible as possible!

So far the response has been terrific.  And this is only the start.

Our highly anticipated Quiz Module has been released.  Build all of your quizzes to be served right inside your video.  We’re looking forward to getting it’s first update out, so please let us know via our Product Board what features you’d love to see added to quizzes, or how we can make this module work better for you!  Your feedback is incredibly important to us.

February 1, 2022 – Current platform version 4.2.54

Features Added



  • New subscription plans
  • Quizzes module
  • Playback speed option for linked Youtube videos
  • App UI improvements
  • Improved encoding support for nonidentifiable devices
  • Gallery cloning improvements
  • Other Gallery improvements
  • Database optimizations
  • Reset password improvements
  • Export video list improvements
  • Evergreen live fixes
  • Added translation support for quizzes
  • Transcription request UI imporovements
  • Popup publishing improvements
  • Tap to call bug fix
  • Quiz app and player improvements
  • New application user interface
  • WordPress plugin
  • Live streaming
Spotlightr Quiz Module

As Spotlightr continues to commit our platform to online education, quiz functionality within videos became important for us to release to our customers. With it’s first release we included some important features and we are looking forward to making it better and better.

We’ve included 4 question types already so this should satisfy most use-cases immediately.

Among those question types is our “Crossroad” question which allows you to send the student to another part of the video, to an external link, or to a new video entirely.  And that will depend on what answer they choose.

Here’s what’s next…

We recently took a look at some of the changes in the backlog that we wanted to make to our Dashboard as well as some other Modules and features.  After some internal discussions, we came to the conclusion that it’s time for a refresh of the app.  It’s been 4 years since we’ve done that, and it makes perfect sense to move forward on that now.

The new user interface will be more simple to use, more intuitive, and designed specifically for our core market which is online educators and course creators.  We’re hoping to have it out in beta sometime in March, so stay tuned for that!

We will also be working on our WordPress plugin concurrently.  I’m not going to give those features away just yet, but it will tie some crucial Spotlightr functionality into WordPress and do it with just a one-click install of the plugin.  We’re hoping to have that out in mid March.