We’re midway through the summer, let’s get to some updates that occurred over the last few months.  The last release notes were from mid-April, and since then we’ve gone through 9 platforms updates.

We added an integration with Mailerlite and also revamped our Zapier integration.  Next up for integrations will be Drip and ConvertKit which will be new integrations for us.  More on our Zapier and Mailerlite below.

Due to popular demand we continue to make improvements and features for galleries.  Among some of the improvements were the header design functionality and how it displays and a new gallery layout we are calling “sidebar” layout.

We also added the ability to embed the entire gallery onto your page.  So there are now three publishing options:  embeded gallery, embedded player with gallery pop-up, and watch page.

You can read up on what features are currently available and see some demo galleries on this article we put out dedicated to galleries.

A few new player control options were also added by popular demand:

Full screen on play >> This will launch your player into full screen when the viewer clicks play.  This works on both the embed and the watch page.

Prevent skipping >> Wanted by course creators.  When enabled, the player controls and timeline are still visible but the student cannot skip ahead by clicking on the player timeline.

Both of these options are configured inside your theme.

July 12th, 2023 – Current platform version 5.1.39

New Features & Improvements

Bug Fixes


  • New Zapier app
  • Mailerlite integration
  • Gallery sidebar layout
  • Full screen on play
  • Prevent timeline skipping
  • Monthly averages and previous months now displayed in customer bandwidth usage report
  • Option to add translations after transcriptions are generated
  • Reset transcriptions options
  • Chapter marker positions outside / under the player
  • Various app UI enhancements
  • Added ability to set playsinline to false via query
  • Chapter marker positions improvements
  • Updated advanced embed script handling, one for all
  • Captions font size improvements
  • Overlays in preview improvements
  • Set thumbnail for galleries manually
  • Enabled replace audio files
  • Added estimated bandwidth usage to account page
  • Gallery header rework
  • Various gallery improvements and enhancements
  • Wistia migration, keeping old ID, added a script for embed code swap
  • Search features in advanced settings of theme player settings
  • Enabled HTML Video Player for email publishing if originalFile mp4
  • Misc migration improvements
  • REST upload support for mp3 files
  • Comment popover position
  • Fixed project and video list .csv exports, added URL and originalFileURL
  • When controls hidden dont slide up captions and overlays
  • Improved transcription minutes consumption deductions
  • View heatmaps including overlays and click events
  • Resolution handling improvements
  • Gallery thumbnail handling improvements
  • New overlay templates
  • Mac fix for preset resolution
  • Embedded galleries scroll
  • Various vooAPI fixes
  • Overlay positioning fixes
  • Audio player thumbnail handling fix
  • Transcription editor fixes
  • Full screen iOS gallery fix
  • Chapter marker fixes
  • My Files fixes
  • Audio player essues fixed
  • Resizing the window, scrollbar handling
  • Text link overlay color update
  • Autofocus resolution menu fix
  • Subtitles removed from post roll videos
  • Fixed Webhook integration
  • Fixed Gallery behavior on iOS
  • Cancel while uploading fix
  • Vimeo migration, duplicate names fix
  • WP plugin fixes for block video selection
  • Adding Drip integration
  • Adding ConvertKit integration
  • Improving upload speeds

Zapier Integration

Our new Zapier integration has two trigger events:

– New Lead Captured
– Watch Notification

Check out our full step-by-step instructions in the KB article.

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Mailerlite Integration

Connect your Spotlightr opt-in templates directly to your Mailerlite account.  First you just need to add the integration through a few easy steps.

Then when configuring your opt-in form, just select your Mailerlite integration.  That’s it.

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Gallery ‘Sidebar’ Layout

We will be expanding on design options for this layout.  We love the way it brings your video front and center, with easy navigation on the left.  We are collecting feedback on this so if you have ideas on how this will help your course or business let us know.

Here’s a snapshot of what it looks like.  You can click here to see a demo.

2023 07 12 21 54 04

Here’s what’s next…

We’re going to try to add a few more integrations for Drip and ConverKit.

We’re also working on an infrastructure upgrade to make uploading faster for customers around the globe.  Not a hot new feature, but it’s necessary!

We appreciate you!