The start of 2020 has seen unprecedented world events.  Covid 19 has affected the world like nothing we have seen in our lifetime.  Thankfully we have been able to adapt and continue to build and grow, and we certainly consider ourselves very lucky.  We wish everyone out there the best and hope we are all able to bounce back from this.

Current major projects include an upgrade to our infrastructure to accommodate for new growth in our user-base, as well as continued development of our new player. 

Features Added



  • Added hide header option on video pages
  • Added 4.2 beta embed links
  • Enabling webhook integration for funnel tag
  • Added engagement data download
  • Funnel data options to hideName hideLastName in capture form
  • Added option for resetting video when unmuted
  • Accepting first_ and last_name in HTML custom forms
  • Added force iOS native fullscreen, don’t force option
  • Disabled random autoplay of postroll videos
  • Added hide toggle option for playlists
  • Added sending funnel question name as tagContext
  • Added external hls support for additional resolutions
  • Fixed play button theme conflicts
  • Fixed play button showing while creating overlays
  • Fixed account menu icon
  • Added white-listed domains explanation
  • Disabled google plus sharing options
  • Improved translation display
  • Improved engagement data chart
  • Profile billing address update
  • Hiding play button while funnel question is shown
  • Resolved safari undefined domain issue
  • Adjusted z-index of the control bar
  • Allowing ‘mp4’ files through CDN, instead of only ‘.mp4’
  • Added trailing slashes and http, https in white-listed domains
  • FREE users always have the affiliate widget
  • Improved loading sequence appearance
  • Fixed overlay button padding scaling
  • Handling and presenting Youtube’s additional resolutions
  • Forcing play on click if time is 0
  • Funnel improvement
  • Fixed imageOnPause uncheck URL
  • Switch for iOS Safari full screen handling
  • Conversion and optimization infrastructure expansion and scaling
  • Lightweight Player, Spotlightr 4.2
  • Chrome Recording Extension
  • Funnels Rework