May has been a really productive month for the Spotlightr team as we continue to welcome customers migrating from version 3 to our new version 4, as well as new customers into the platform. We are excited to present to you some of the major additions and improvements completed last month.

Features Added



  • Affiliate platform integration
  • v3 accounts migration
  • ENTERPRISE site customization
  • Reworked Funnels Module
  • Custom Domain Setup
  • Updating payment methods directly from within the application
  • PDF Invoice Downloads
  • Enhanced content editing capabilities
  • Updated YouTube videos method
  • Enhanced SMTP Integrations
  • Enhanced Autresponders HTML integrations
  • JavaScript API Docs
  • Optimized video file conversion process
Recent Fixes

  • Enhanced overlays and annotations styling controls
  • Cross Browser support for major browsers
  • YouTube video loading speed, logo removal efforts
  • Sub-account management
  • Account stats and usage improvements
  • Optimized display, auto-adjust size
  • Licence cancellation ability for all subscriptions
  • Timezone selection
  • Added time zone selections to all timers
  • Optimized apperance of player elements on smaller screens
  • Improved display of player controls
  • Further CDN optimization (serving ENTERPRISE images and other assets)
  • Password changing update
  • mp4 uploaded videos load optimization
  • Scroll bar appearing on smaller video embeds
  • Support for UTF (Chinese and other special characters)
  • API Docs included in the release
  • Taking users to desired link when they are not logged in
  • Subtitle improvements and bug fixes
  • Option to disable play button animation
  • Enhanced lock formatting options
  • Popup embed as image
  • Dashboard dispaly, filtering options
  • Floating player improvements
  • Splash screen generation improvements
  • Notification handling
  • License cancellation and reactivation process improvemetns
  • Controls display bugs

Known Issues

  • Cross-browser and cross-device optimization of display features and player controlers.

  • WordPress Plugin
  • Amazon SMTP & S3 Support
  • Fallback embed code
  • Feedback Implementation

Affiliate platform integration

Every Spotlightr user now has an opportunity to become an affiliate and earn omissions just by referring people to Spotlightr via their affiliate link. Affiliate links are automatically attached to the Spotlightr logo in the player as well.

Improved Billing Overview & Options

In an effort to provide a more effective and efficient management of your vooPlayer subscription we have reworked the Billing Section of your account profile. One addition from which everyone will benefit is the automatic generation of PDF invoices for all of your v4 subscription transactions.

Also, newly provided options to update payment methods and manage subscriptions have been implemented as well – this update only applies to all new vooPlayer subscriptions, excluding the ones from the previous version.

JavaScript Development API

We are finally releasing the Spotlightr API documentation which will enable you to create powerful interactions between your web page and vooPlayer videos being played on it. Some of the use case examples include

  • Show content on your page only when a certain time-point in the video is reached.
  • Pre-fill and autocomplete optin boxes in the video with data from your website or URL.
  • Pause or play the video based on certain interactions on the web page

Custom Domain & Site Styles

In addition to the default option of running Spotlightr on we have now provided an easy method which allows you to completely customize the domain on which Spotlightr shows. Combined with new site customization options for all ENTERPRISE users you now have the ability to completely change the apperance of your Spotlightr site and videos.

Coming in June… new WordPress plugin

We have also been working on a new WordPress plugin for Spotlightr v4 (v3 will be supported also) which will ensure that videos will integrate seamlessly with your WordPress sites. We are just wrapping up the development process by testing out compatibility, and expect to release the new plugin in the following month.