In November we released Spotlightr Reports added several new integrations.  We also started focusing on analytic insights again as well.  We also added some highly requested integrations including CovertFox and Google Analytics.  We also made a ton of polishes and small fixes which can be seem in the chart below.

Features Added



  • Cyber Monday Promotion Completed
  • Black Friday Promotion Completed
  • Analytic Reports
  • Added Resolution Requests
  • Implemented top right float option
  • Implemented plan downgrades
  • Added Refresh storage option
  • New playlist position on mobile devices
  • Tracking overlay display events and interactions
  • Tracking lock events and interactions
  • FREE plan introduced
  • STARTUP plan introduced
  • 30 day refund policy introduced
  • Webhook integration
  • ConvertFox integration
  • Email Address Integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Enable playing just one video per page.
  • Add URL param forwarding option to overlays
  • Turning off live chat on PRO and FREE accounts
  • Improvements to Signup process
  • Video Report Fixes
  • Fixed Share Gate URL editing
  • Fixed doubling of overlays controller
  • Fixed z-index handling on embedded pages
  • Fixing Optimized Resolutions Generation
  • Fixed floating on embedded pages
  • Fix play button animation bugs.
  • Fixed auto-resume feature availability
  • Hide image on pause when video ends
  • Initialized scaling of overlay renders
  • Fixed playlist sidebar bugs
  • Changed view notifications feature
  • Checking for subscription duplicates before purchase
  • Improved status checking for video conversion
  • Improved metadata tracking
  • Updated toolbar settings
  • Updated whitelabel handling
  • Updating publish options for linked videos
  • Improved invoice generation methods
  • Sunsetting branded platform player skins
  • Overlay notation fixes
  • Improved display of analytics data
  • Improved player settings menu display
  • Local WYSIWYG editor
  • Improved video upload process and UI
  • Improved subscription cancelling process
  • Fixed playlist scaling
  • Post roll player improvemnets
  • Improved redirect handling in video links
  • Performance Work (optimizing the weight of player assets)
  • Team Accounts

Spotlightr Reports

Review, filter and automate reports for all of your analytics from one place. Compare different time periods for an understanding of trends.

Reports provide you with a centralized resource which you can use to review the performance of all of your videos.

You can also save and automate reports in daily, weekly and monthly intervals and export data to Google Sheets with a click of a button, as well as apply various filters.

Viewing Notifications

You can now get notified whenever someone watches your video. It’s simple and effective. These notifications can be sent through either one of the following integrations.

  • Email address notification
  • Custom Webhook integration
  • Google Analytics Integration

You may read more about this feature and how to set it up in the Spotlightr Knowledge Base. Additionally, here’s a video of how it’s configured with Google Analytics

Newly added integrations

We know that you appreciate being able to automate your marketing flows which is why this month we’ve added several new integrations.

  1. ConvertFox, working with lead capturing, personalization and video events
  2. Custom Webhook, working with lead capturing, personalization and video events
  3. Google Analytics, working with lead capturing and video events
  4. Email Address, working with lead capturing and video events

We are looking forward to your feedback and use-cases in order to improve these further.

Analytics EnhancementsWe’ve added the ability to track and review viewer interactions with overlays within viewing heat maps. This means you will now be able to see who saw, who skipped who clicked on your CTAs.


Here are some other noteworthy additions from October:

Play only one video on page
Few users suggested a feature we found very viable which is to make it so only one Spotlightr video can be played on a certain page at a time, in case you have two or more embedded. We’ve made that possible. Find out how to accomplish this.

Forward query string parameters in links
You now have the ability to forward the query parameters from the URL to all of the Spotlightr links. Learn how.

New plans and pricing
We’ve introduced a FREE and STARTUP plan, about which you can find out more here.

Mobile playlist position
We’ve added an additional feature to playlists to better facilitate the list displaying on smaller screens. Hint, it’s now under the video.

Updated webinar platform
We gave up on using Webinar Jam for our webinars and switched over to Demio

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