In the second half of 2019 our focus is on improving the performance of the player itself. We are working on developing a lightweight version of Spotlightr which will leverage several years of lessons learned in optimizing the performance and delivering video content.

With this in mind, this is why we are developing a lot of new ideas and feature requests integrated directly in the new player. But fret not, the new player will be created in such a way to only leverage and include the code for the features you selected to use.

Features Added



  • Added MailChimp support for CRM Tags integration
  • Adding moonsend as verified Custom HTML form provider
  • Add personalized data to custom html textarea input.
  • Included VAT / TAX Id on invoices
  • Added an option for overlay to pause the main video when shown
  • Added entered email as a contact for custom tags
  • Added volume JS API method
  • Added Show / Hide controls JS API method
  • Added disable autofill sizing option
  • Added related videos at the end
  • Added option to hide play/replay button
  • Updated the way storage is calculated
  • Added option to force resize when player shown
  • Added option to force Safari sound
  • Adding missing settingsRatio declarations to videoPlayer
  • Fixed groups selection in dashboard
  • Fixed billing methods handling
  • Improved custom HTML overlay display
  • Improved display of analytics watch time
  • Fixed handling of chapter markers on the timeline
  • Fixed responsiveness of overlay templates
  • Updated api docs
  • Fix finish action replay video issue.
  • Removing upload limit check on videos uploaded to integrations
  • Fixxed playlist toggle hide on play
  • Copying over whitelisted domains with the selected player settings
  • Improved handling of evergreen countdown
  • Changed email on coupons when user updates email
  • Fix traditional controls style in app
  • Improved aspect ratio handling
  • Fixed branding showing up in whitelabel network http requests
  • Improved mobile play controls fix width to fit screen
  • Vimeo / YouTube blocks set to luminati proxy
  • Improved handling of branded colors usage in the player
  • Don’t autoplay if autoresume and or autoplay when preroll is present
  • Creating smaller thumbnails
  • Fixed google drive extraction
  • Removed sending the email in google analytics opting integration
  • Fixed Safari conflict with whitelisted domains
  • Fixed funnel showing up the play button
  • Improved personalized integration data to local storage for faster caching
  • Lightweight Player, Spotlightr 4.2
  • Chrome Recording Extension
  • Funnels Rework

Related Videos

You now have the option to show related videos and with doing so increase the engagement of your views, offering further relevant content.

API Enhancements

If you are using Spotlightr as a developer or in your integration workflows, it’s worth pointing out several enhancements both to our JS & REST APIs.

Integration expansions

Based on customer requests we continued expanding the number and types of integrations supported. If you integration or use-case for integrating is still not supported be sure to let us know in our Product Board.

Personalization in Custom HTML overlays

Also good to know, all personalization tags are now also supported in custom HTML overlays, really making what you can achieve when serving customized content for each viewer, truly infinite.