We love the fall because with it comes Halloween and then the holiday season.  We’re working hard to bring features no other platform can provide, thanks to our customer requests.

October brings a lot of new features and exciting opportunities to Spotlightr, as well as enhancements for already existing functionality aiming to make Spotlightr even more powerful.

Features Added



  • Share videos with other users
  • Dashboard video trends
  • Exclude IP from analytics
  • New engagement chart
  • Turn off turbo bandwidth on per-video basis
  • Logo Transparency
  • Logo Link
  • New in app notifications and confirmations
  • Started opening up the api /create video
  • Upload popup thumbnail
  • Float player end action
  • Take voo challenge for users on trial
  • Title header display in video

Recent Fixes

  • Custom start/end time actions debugging
  • Password reset fixes
  • Custom domains validation
  • Improved image on pause sizing
  • Enhanced billing and card manamgenet
  • Support for Optins and overlays at second 0
  • Improved float positions
  • Share URL default settings improvements
  • Playback performance enhancements (popups, old iPhones)
  • Conversion performance enhancements
  • Autoplay debugging
  • WordPress plugin optimization, release prep
  • Enhanced documentation
  • Mailchimp support for more than 10 lists
  • Whitelabel account improvements
  • Web camera recording improvements
  • Debugged analytics records, pagination
  • Fixed pre and post roll video issues
  • Live Chat display fixes
  • Rework of the security processes protecting video content
  • Personalized content in videos based on social media profiles of your viewers
  • More extensive training

Shared videos with other users

Newly added ability to share your video, together with all the settings and controls, with other Spotlightr users aims to accomplish two things.  First, we hope this will encourage the community to come up with useful use cases and solutions which work well and share it with others in the community. The second thing we will accomplish with this feature is the ability for us to build out a library of most relevant starter video templates, which will provide the users with a great starting point to further customize and utilize Spotlightr .

To test out this feature you may open any video and go to additional options and select “Share with Others”.

We are really excited by the opportunities this feature opens up and will continute to provide updates as we gather feedback and develop it further.

In a continous effort to provide more understanding with simple and actionable insights into how your videos are performing, we’ve made several enhancements this month to our analytics…

Dashboard view for view trends

You may now get a quick overview of the viewing trends for your videos directly from the dashboard by simply hovering over the views count for that video in the table.

This is useful for when you want to quickly check on how multiple videos are doing without going to analytics for every single one.

Exclude your IP addresses from analytics

Of course you like to check how your videos are performing, but would like to exclude your views from the gathered analytics. You may now turn on Disable my IP from analytics option in your Profile > Settings.

Spotlightr will continue to update disabled addresses every time you log in, so no need to worry about continually updating that.

Extended engagement chart

In addition to the interactive overall heatmap overlay on the video insight pages, you will now find a new line chart which aims to communicate that data in a way which is easier to understand

Enhanced logo functionality

We’ve also expanded the capabilities of the custom logo feature by allowing for manipulation of the opacity for adding a more watermark look as well as well as by allowing you to add a clickable link on the logo image.

Video title display

We’ve gotten a lot of request for the ability, which we’ve just made available, to optionally display the title of the video as an overlay while the video is paused or while the player controls are active. You may toggle on this setting from player style menu.

Coming in November is personalization and security…

Two major enhancements which are already in development are coming in form of a complete rework of the security processes protecting your video content. Securing your video content while it is housed in our player is our top priority. The upcoming enhancements make it impossible for anyone to download your video files.

We are also in the process of enabling you to capture data from your viewers social media profiles and allowing you to utilize that data in your videos, so that you can make every view customized and personalized.

Stay tuned for that!