We’ve added a lot of new tools to your video marketing arsenal in September. We’ve released Personalized Videos feature, Video Transcribe option, a lot of new integrations, and a whole lot more.  As we approach Q4 we are looking to close out the year strong!  Please remember to submit and vote on new features and upgrades.

Features Added



  • Personalized Videos
  • HubSpot Integraion
  • Intercom Integration
  • Video Transcribe
  • Audio Only Support
  • 2-Pass conversion
  • oEmbed Support
  • Anonymized, Privacy Viewing
  • Always Visible Controls
  • Vidpulse Integration
  • Publit.io Support
Recent Fixes
  • Conversion Process Improvements
  • HLS Encrypion Options
  • Active Campaign Integration Fixes
  • Improved CRM User Handling
  • Social Sharing Metadata Improvements
  • Zapier Integration Enhancements
  • Awebber Integration Fixes
  • Mobile Safari Playback Fixes
  • 360 Degree Video Improvements
  • Pre-roll and post-roll improvements
  • Playlist Customization Enhancements
  • Chapter Menu Enhancements
  • Floating Player Fixes
  • Funnels Subquestion Fixes
  • Custom Code Feature Enhancements
  • Dashboard Thumbnail Enhancements
  • ConvertFox Integration
  • Billing Improvements
  • Team account management

Personalized Videos

You can now include customer data inside of your video content to drive engagement and increase conversions via personalized experiences and offers. Use cases are really infinite but few examples we foresee being most utilized are

  • Welcoming trainees or new hires to video training with a personalized greeting
  • Using personalized data to customize and personalize video for enhanced lead generation
  • Adding personalized greeting to sales presentations and automated video demo’s

And to make this feature much more useful we’ve also added two frequently requested integrations, Intercom and HubSpot.

Video Transcription

You may now Request Transcription of videos uploaded to Spotlightr in order to have subtitles generated automatically and soon you will be able to request automatic translations as well.

Here are some other noteworthy additions from September:

Improvements to the conversion process
You may have noticed, if you’ve ever uploaded screen recordings to Spotlightr, that their size was significantly bloated. That has now changed with an introduction of two-pass conversion process which is available from HLS encryption options. It’s a bit slower, but it produces much better results.

Enhanced metadata & oEmbed support
We’ve dedicated a lot of efforts to ensuring Spotlightr videos are serving the right content to the robots, so you are expected to see improved sharing experiences across a variety of platforms soon.

Anonymized viewing
To better support GDPR compliance we’ve added the ability inside of the publish options to completely anonymize data, which is to say, not track viewers IP, country etc.

Take a moment to review Spotlightr

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