September didn’t bring many new features, but it did bring many new fixes and improvements. This month we were solely focused on improving options and features already on the platform.  We have many of you to thank for reporting issues and leaving us quality feedback that we can rely on.

Features Added



  • New home page
  • Loading demo modules (funnels, playlists, videos, ab tests etc.)
  • Full screen on double click / hotkey (F)
  • Added countdown progress to overlays
  • American Express support
Recent Fixes

  • Significantly improved group management
  • Improved thumbnail generation
  • Playlist menu improvements
  • Fixed email account notifications
  • Enhanced purchase process for trials
  • Affiliate widget display
  • Fixed video source replacement process
  • Enhanced video insights
  • Fixed watch percentage audience segment filter
  • Enhanced player theme saving
  • Display captured optin name in video insights
  • Fixed master account licenses
  • Fixed several mass upload / import issues
  • Better image on pause positioning
  • “Live” timer support on mobile devices
  • Popup display fixes
  • Floating video player fixes
  • Improved Facebook sharing thumbnail display
  • Improved custom SMTP handling
  • Mobile playback improvements for autoplay videos
  • Fixed funnels jumping to a new video action
  • Performance enhancements, player speed
  • Fixes for pre and post roll video auto play
  • Debugged broadcasts
  • More extensive training
  • Ability to shared modules (Videos, Funnels, etc.) with other Spotlightr users
  • Opportunity to promote your business on Spotlightr homepage

New Home Page

Spotlightr 4.0  just got a completely new look!  It has a fresh, modern look that will probably be more intuitive to our visitors than the old one.

If you have any suggestions for it, please write in! We would love to hear your experience while browsing thru it.

What’s also new about our homepage is that you’ll now get a chance to be promoted on it! You will very soon see a sticky note inside your account that will ask you for a testimonial. All you have to do here is give your honest opinion on Spotlightr.  Maybe some tricks you use or any other ideas you think someone would love to read or learn. We will choose testimonials to add to the page which will also include a link to your web page or content.  Showcase testimonials will get an Amazon gift card just as a thank you.

Loading Demo Modules

We wanted to help new users get around as much as we can.  So we created Demos for every module inside your Spotlightr account. This means that if you are a completely new user, we’ll already have test videos inside your dashboard that you’ll get to use with various modules just to see how different modules work.

Full-screen on double click / hotkey (F)

Just double click on the player to make it go full-screen or press F on your keyboard.

Added Progress Bar to the Overlays

This is a small addition but it changed a whole lot, now you can create scarcity moments inside your videos. Just imagine what can you do with this progress bar as far as your product sale goes.

American Express Support

As some of you might already know, we previously didn’t support AMEX cards.  That has now changed as we have added support for that card type.