At Spotlightr we pride ourselves at being the most customizable video player available.  From the branding options to player controls and features, there isn’t another hosting company that can do more.

We get lots of questions from people asking how the player looks.  This page should help answer that question as we’ll show you some of the possiblities you have with branding options and how you can adjust the “look and feel” of your player.

To test it out yourself, please sign up for a free trial (no credit card required).  Upload a short video and grab the embed code.  You’ll be testing in less than 5 minutes.

Let’s jump right into the demo players…

Default Player 

Our default player just brings a simple, clean look.  White with no background, no borders, no accents.  Your videos will look great right away even before you start customizing.  

Here’s how they look…

Player 1

Using a fictional brand, we added the brand’s main color to the play button with acompletely transparent background and without border.

Player 2

Building on Player 1, we added more brand colors with a background color and border.  We also added a ‘pulse’ animation and a logo to the player on the bottom right corner.  Size, opacity, and location of that logo can be customized.

Player 3

Here we changed things up using same palette of colors but changing look and feel.  We’ve changed the size and shape of the play button.

Player 4

Here’s a new look with new colors.  This is the actual player we use for many of our own videos.  We are using Spotlightr green here with standard size button with border.


This is all quick and easy to set up.  These settings are in your Theme.  Simply create a theme, or open an existing one, and head to Player Colors:

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