Fall is centered around big changes with Spotlightr.  That means completing our entire rebrand and continuing to make progress with our infrastructure changes.

And with that we’ve introduced a new plan to the platform, the Polaris plan.  The Startup and Enterprise plans are no longer available to new customers, and the only plan available is the Polaris plan.

The Polaris plan will be available to existing customers on November 30th.

More information on this can be found on our annoucement page here:


Features Added



  • Polaris release to new customers
  • Bandwidth overage logic
  • CRON check for next day renewals
  • Bandwidth notification emails launched
  • Legacy subscription adjustments in relation to Polaris subscription
  • Storage checks when upgrading / downgrading
  • Upgraded infrastructure-wide video managment for entire platform
  • Upgraded infrastructure-wide CDN network for entire platform
  • Finished preparations for moving all accounts to new infrastructure
  • Infrastructure improvements / fixes
  • Branding improvements
  • Switched Transcribe API to Assembly AI
  • Fixed saving themes in new menu settings
  • All FREE signups now going to new infrastructure
  • Added DELETE videos to API
  • Fixed double optin display formatting
  • Adjusted counting of views/loads on the dashboard
  • Sticky menu player feature settings


  • Moving all current Enteprirse and Startup customers to new infrastructre
  • Making Polaris available to current Enterprise, Startup and Pro customers
  • Continue towards full 4.2 release

Polaris Plan Launch

In order to continue to differentiate Spotlightr from our competitors, we decided to take a very different approach to pricing and plans.  We found that many of our customers wanted to use lots of our more advanced features, but just couldn’t justify the higher cost with the higher storage and bandwidth limits.

At the same time, we had customers who only needed higher consumption limits without the need for many of the customization, marketing, and security features that we offer.

Additionally, our move to new infrastructure providers allowed some cost savings which we were able to pass on to our customers.

Considering all of the points above, we decided to move to a “one plan” platform that includes every current feature (except for reseller accounts…we are retiring that feature for now for the Polaris plan while we re-evaluate how to position it.  Customers will still be able to rebrand their Share Links and Share Pages, with the ability to buy sub-accounts removed).

And perhaps most importantly, we started with storage and CDN bandwidth limits higher than our Startup plan but lower than our Enterprise plan.  We believe they are set to a place to give us the best of both worlds.  They are high enough so that even our customers who are with start-ups, education, or very small businesses have plenty to use without having to upgrade.  It will help them keep costs down.  While at the same time our customers who do require higher limits will be able to take advantage of our metered usage that allows for them to choose exactly how much they need without gigantic jumps.

No other platform offers this type of plan.  We’ve done away with comparison plans and tiered plans and access, and instead opted for a more customer-centric plan that is not only easy to understand but also allows for considerable cost-savings.