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The right Vimeo alternative should fit your needs

Vimeo is one of the most well-known video platforms around, and it’s filled with versatile features to create, manage, and share your videos. For some businesses, particularly those with lots and lots of new content each week, Vimeo is often the best choice.

However, Vimeo isn’t right for everyone. It might be that you want more control over your branding, analytics, and marketing. Or, it may be that you need more advanced security features to protect your videos from being pirated or downloaded without your permission — especially if you sell eLearning courses or other premium content. Others may be using Vimeo right now and simply looking to explore other options.

As an affordable Vimeo alternative, Spotlightr offers a video hosting and marketing platform with fast streaming, a customizable player, advanced video security, and marketing features that make the most of every video you publish.

In this article, we’re going to take a thorough look at both Vimeo and Spotlightr and help you discern which video platform is right for your needs.


At Spotlightr we believe in total transparency.  That means we have nothing to hide in terms of what you will pay for your account, storage and bandwidth.  We will give you exact pricing and there are no surprises.

With Vimeo, your bandwidth allotment is “fair use”.  That means they will allow whatever they think is fair.  The minute they think you are using too much, you’ll get an email from them demanding huge amounts of money (in many cases thousands per month).  Pay it or move your videos.  

We know this because we’ve had tons of customers move over to Spotlightr once they received these demands.  


Both Vimeo and Spotlightr offer free plans that include limited storage and access to basic features. If, however, you’re looking to take things a step further with player customization, advanced privacy controls, and marketing features, you might be interested in upgrading to a paid plan.


Vimeo has four paid plans to choose from: Plus, Pro, Business and Premium.

The Plus plan is the only one that allows a monthly payment which is currently $12/month.  You can also pay $84/year for this plan.  The rest of the plans require a yearly commitment, with Pro starting at $240/year, Business at $600/year, and Premium at $900/year

Vimeo’s paid plans offer some features to choose from, but deciding which plan is right for you can be confusing. And, if you want access to features from a higher tier, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription and commit to a year.


At Spotlightr, we recently revamped our pricing to eliminate confusing comparison charts and complicated tiered plans. We offer one straightforward pricing plan at a flat price of $29/mo. or $289 billed annually. The Polaris plan includes every single Spotlightr feature plus 100GB of storage, 100GB of CDN bandwidth, and unlimited videos and embeds.

Affordable Vimeo Alternative


When you’re publishing content online, especially for your business, video security is of the utmost importance. Both platforms come with a host of features to protect your videos.


With Vimeo, you can easily create private sharing links and lock your videos with a password. You can also specify which sites are allowed to embed your videos with domain-level privacy.


Spotlightr also offers private links, password protection, and domain-level privacy. However, it takes security a step further with HLS encryption. Encryption prevents people from being able to rip off, share, or download your video content without your permission. Once encryption is turned on, it’s virtually impossible for people to steal or share your content without your permission.

If you create eLearning video courses or other premium content, Spotlightr might be the best choice for you. It’s a great Vimeo alternative if security and anti-piracy is a top concern.

Security VS Vimeo

Branding & customization

Branding is important for your business, so naturally you want to be able to control the look and feel of your videos. And, you don’t want visitors to be distracted by ads or third-party logos. Both Vimeo and Spotlightr are ad-free and give you the ability to incorporate your own branding.


Depending on which plan you choose, Vimeo offers lots of ways to customize your video player. You can change the player’s colors and add your own logo (and remove Vimeo’s).

From there, you can select a custom thumbnail, enable playback speed controls, and add an end screen that directs people to your website, store, or social media channels.

Pro, Plus, Business, and Premium users can also hide the play bar — something that’s particularly useful on sales pages where you want to make sure people pay attention to your video.


Like Vimeo, Spotlightr allows you to easily change your video player to match your brand with custom player colors and skins, logos, thumbnails and end screens, and full control over playback options — but that’s just the beginning. Spotlightr offers practically endless possibilities to customize the viewer experience, including:

  • add annotations, overlays, links, images, clickable buttons, and coupon boxes on top of your videos
  • set custom start and end times
  • show or hide controls, disable the pause button, limit plays, and dozens of other control manipulation options
  • make your video “float” down the page alongside other content as the viewer scrolls.

…and more.

When it comes to customization, Spotlightr has one very unique feature: custom domains. A custom domain, sometimes called a vanity URL or branded link, lets you display the name of your brand in your video link. So when Zimmplify uploads a video to Spotlightr, instead of being branded with Spotlightr’s domain (, the video link displays the company’s domain instead ( Having your own domain in your video’s URL is another way to increase brand recognition and make your business more memorable.

These are just a few of the ways Spotlightr gives you total control over your videos, making Spotlightr a great Vimeo alternative.



Getting started with video marketing can feel intimidating, but Spotlightr’s video hosting and marketing platform is designed to make the process as straightforward as possible. You don’t need to be a programmer or fight with WordPress plugins in order to be a video marketing master.

Want to add a CTA button or opt-in form to your videos? No coding necessary — just point and click. You can easily collect email addresses and other contact information right in the player.

Beyond lead generation, Spotlightr lets you integrate with your marketing software to take advantage of automation across your entire marketing stack. If a contact completes a certain action in Spotlightr — such as watching a specific video — you can automatically tag them in your CRM for follow-up.

Personalization is another hot trend in video marketing. Personalizing your content can increase engagement with your videos and conversions. With Spotlightr, you can personalize content inside your videos with customer data from your CRM. You can even create interactive video funnels to serve your viewers the exact content they want, when they want it — almost like a “choose your own adventure” story.


Like Spotlightr, Vimeo allows you to create custom CTAs, collect email addresses, and integrate with marketing software — but these features are only available with the Business plan.

At $50/mo., it will cost you nearly twice as much as Spotlightr’s all-in-one plan, making Spotlightr a much more affordable and flexible Vimeo alternative for marketers.

Video Marketing Alternative to Vimeo


All the marketing features in the world won’t do you much good if you’re not able to measure the results and, more importantly, identify what’s working and what’s not.


Vimeo offers a suite of powerful analytics tools for its users. All members have access to Vimeo’s analytics dashboard, which provides at-a-glance information about impressions, plays, finishes, most popular videos, and more. You can also upgrade your plan to get more advanced statistics about where your viewers are coming from, how they’re finding your videos, and what devices they’re watching on.


If you want more detailed viewer-level analytics, you should check out Spotlightr. One feature that makes Spotlightr unique is the ability to track how individual contacts interact with your videos. Once someone fills out a form, Spotlightr will log every video that person views going forward. So for example, you can track which sales leads have viewed a particular video and use that information to inform your outreach efforts. Or, you can share training videos with your employees and see how much of each video they’ve watched.

A/B testing is another way Spotlightr helps you maximize your marketing efforts. You can run split tests of different videos or settings, and get detailed reports so you can see what works best for your audience.

Customer service

Both Vimeo and Spotlightr are easy to use — but if you do hit a snag, you want to be able to get help quickly. And sometimes, you might need a little extra help setting something up or customizing it to your needs.


Vimeo offers email support for all its customers around the clock, Monday through Friday. For Business and Premium members, Vimeo provides limited support during weekends and holidays. Premium members ($75/mo.) also get access to live chat support during business hours.


At Spotlightr, we want to make sure you’re successful — so you’ll have access to email and live chat support whether you’re on a free or paid plan. Support is available Monday through Friday, 3am to 5pm Eastern.You can also consult our detailed knowledge base 24/7 for videos and documentation.

Another thing that makes Spotlightr great is our customer-driven roadmap. We make it easy for customers to submit ideas for which features they want to see next. And, you can check out our product board to see which features we’ve recently launched, which are planned, and which are under consideration.



One area where Vimeo has an edge is storage. Vimeo is a big company, which means they’re able to offer their customers more storage space but only on the more expensive plans.

For example, Vimeo’s Plus ($12/month or $84/year) offers 5GB per week but the maximum is 250 GB per year.  So if you have more than 250 GB, you’ll need to wait a year or upgrade to another plan. 

The Pro plan ($240/year) includes 20GB/week and 1TB/year of storage, and Business ($600/year) offers 5 TB of total storage.


As we mentioned above, Spotlightr’s Polaris plan ($29/mo.) includes 100GB of storage. We find that this is usually more than enough storage for most people including educators, coaches, small businesses, and marketers — but if you need more, you can simply add on as you go.  Additional storage starts at $ 0.10/GB and decreases as you add more.

Another option is to use hybrid hosting. Hybrid hosting allows you to host your videos on another site such as YouTube, Dropbox, or Amazon S3 and use Spotlightr’s player and features. This is a great solution if your videos are already hosted on another site (including Vimeo). Or, if you want to take advantage of cheap storage and still apply all of Spotlightr’s features.

In a nutshell

Vimeo is a well-known video platform that helps you host, manage, and share high-quality videos. Vimeo offers a lot of storage, making it an ideal choice for filmmakers and creators with lots and lots of video content. And, Vimeo offers some video creation tools, if that’s something you’re interested in.

However, nobody’s perfect and Vimeo is no exception. Vimeo does well with privacy and security overall, but lacks the ability to encrypt videos to prevent unauthorized downloading or sharing. The platform provides powerful analytics, but is missing some of the tools marketers might want.  And if you want access to advanced analytics and marketing features like calls-to-action, lead generation, and marketing software integrations, expect to pay at least $600 a year for it.

Spotlightr provides a video hosting and marketing platform with a customizable player, advanced security, and powerful marketing features for $289 a year. It’s ideal for educators, coaches, small businesses, salespeople and marketers who want more control over privacy and customization.

And, should you need additional help, you’ll have more options for support without paying extra for it — something that both online and brick-and-mortar businesses will appreciate. Sign up today and get started with Spotlightr for free!

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