Embark on your online teaching journey with a winning course topic! This article cuts straight to the chase, offering you a curated selection of online course ideas across technology, business, creativity, and more, poised to captivate students and yield success in 2024.

Unlocking Profitable Niches: Top Online Course Ideas

The best online course ideas combine:

1. What you know
2. What you’re passionate about
3. What others want to learn (and are willing to pay to learn!)

When it comes to what others want to learn, there is an element of trendiness to consider. Courses that were uber successful five years ago might not be in 2024.

The possibilities are endless, from niche topics like getting dogs to walk well on a leash to broader subjects such as digital marketing, and even speed reading and cryptocurrency education.

With all-in-one drag-and-drop course platforms (like Thinkific, Teachable, and Kajabi), sharing your knowledge has never been more accessible.

The popularity of online courses has skyrocketed. Why not create yours today?

Trending Tech Topics

As technology rapidly advances, there are always new topics people want to learn—quickly! Courses in the tech category attract many different kinds of students, from the casually interested to corporate clients.

1. AI Prompt Engineering
2. ChatGPT for Business
3. AI Image Creation with Midjourney
4. How to Make Money with AI (example)
5. Ethical Hacking
6. Cybersecurity
7. Amazon AWS Certification (example)
8. Python Programming
9. Javascript Programming
10. Data Science

Health and Wellness Wisdom

People are always seeking ways to maintain their well-being.

You’ll notice that many trending course topics have a very specific focus: Not just yoga, but prenatal yoga. Not just flexibility, but flexibility for office workers who sit all day.

Narrowing down your course topic can help students feel like your course was meant just for them.

1. Prenatal Yoga
2. Yoga for Stress Relief (example)
3. Flexibility for Office Workers
4. Nutritionist Certificate
5. Health Coaching
6. Plant-Based Eating
7. Facial Massage
8. Mindfulness for moms
9. Herbalism (example)
10. Holistic Medicine

Creative Pursuits: Arts and Crafts Courses

Online learning is witnessing a delightful resurgence of interest in the arts and crafts niche. These creative pursuits cater to both early childhood education and adults.

Get specific about who your course is for: beginners, advanced artists and crafters, elementary-aged kids, or adults. This clarity will shape the course that you create and help it find its audience more easily.

1. Watercolor painting (example)
2. Figure Drawing
3. Candle Making
4. Soap Making (example)
5. Digital Art with Procreate
6. Crochet
7. Sewing 101
8. Jewelry Making
9. llustration
10. Pottery on the Wheel

Self-Improvement and Personal Growth

The last decade has seen a boom in the self-improvement industry. Everyone wants to grow in the skills most of us were not taught in school, but that enhance the experience of our lives.

Profitable course topics range from the classics like cognitive behavioral therapy to the more recent trends, like breathwork.

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
2. Breathwork (example)
3. Meditation
4. Art Therapy
5. Time management
6. Relationship Coaching
7. Growth Mindset
8. Communication Skills
9. Speed Reading
10. Confidence

Building an Online Business

Entrepreneurship appeals to most people. Courses that teach others how to create a successful online business have the potential to be extremely profitable, in part because students can justify paying for the course because they will ideally make that money back with their new business.

If you can take beta-testers through your course and get testimonials about students successfully making money, your course will be easier to sell.

1. Becoming a Virtual Assistant
2. Starting a Web Design Business
3. Entrepreneurship Basics
4. Blogging (example)
5. Freelancing on Upwork or Fiverr
6. Proofreading
7. Instagram Marketing
8. Starting an Email Marketing Business
9. eCommerce
10. Low Content Publishing (example)

Digital Marketing Deep Dive

All online businesses need to be at the forefront of the ever-changing digital marketing world. Courses can range from broad strategies to ultra-specific trending tactics.

Many topics have been around for years but educational materials are always in need of an update because of algorithm changes. Google SEO courses created five years ago are no longer accurate, which can benefit a new course creator. Students need the latest information.

1. Influencer Marketing
2. Using AI for Digital Marketing
3. Facebook Ads
4. Search Engine Optimization (example)
5. Storytelling for Businesses
6. YouTube Content Creation
7. Marketing for Life Coaches
8. Affiliate Marketing (example)
9. Faceless Marketing
10. BookTok

Financial Freedom: Personal Finance and Investment Courses

Among the most profitable niches for online courses are finance and investment. From handling money wisely to trading digital currencies and making smart investment choices, these course ideas enable individuals to manage their wealth effectively and even make money online.

Mastering the skill of managing money effectively is essential for everyone. An online course on budgeting can significantly impact a student’s life. There are opportunities for creating courses geared toward kids, adults needing to learn the basics, as well as advanced financial managers.

1. How to Use QuickBooks
2. Stock Trading 101
3. Cryptocurrency
4. Monthly Budgeting Basics (example)
5. Retirement Saving
6. Accounting
7. Financial Planning Coaching
8. Budgeting for Business
9. Financial Skills for Kids
10. Personal Finance for Teens

Language Learning Landscapes

Whether for travel, career progression, or personal development, learning a new language is a popular pursuit. It is a skill that is consistently in demand.

Online language courses can be creatively structured using a variety of formats, catering to learners from beginner to advanced levels, making each one an online course idea worth exploring.

1. English Grammar
2. Spanish for Beginners
3. French in 3 Minutes Per Day (example)
4. Conversational Spanish
5. French Phrases for Travel
6. Spanish Verb Tenses (example)
7. English Customer Service Essentials
8. American Sign Language
9. Japanese Speaking Skills
10. Italian for Tourists

Career Advancement and Leadership Development

For many with the goal of career advancement, online courses can provide the needed skills and knowledge. Whether it’s job hunting, achieving promotions, mastering salary negotiations, or developing leadership skills, these courses cater to various career needs.

A well-crafted resume and effective interview skills often make all the difference in successful job searching. Networking is also a critical aspect of career development, opening doors to potential job opportunities.

Today’s work environments necessitate the essentiality of effective leadership and management skills. Courses focusing on these skills often cover areas like team-building, motivational communication, and people management.

1. Project Management
2. Business Email Writing
3. Presentation Skills
4. Cross-Cultural Communication
5. Interviewing Skills (example)
6. Resume and CV Writing
7. Negotiating for a Raise
8. Business Etiquette
9. Soft Skills Development
10. Professional Networking

Cultivating Creativity: Music and Performing Arts Online

Online platforms have also become a home for the performing arts world. Whether it’s the guitar, piano, or violin, online tutorials offer a step-by-step approach to mastering these instruments.

Performance arts courses offer a comprehensive primer on disciplines like acting, dance, and theater. These foundational courses aim to equip students with the essential skills needed to pursue further studies in these areas.

1. Solo Singing Techniques
2. Beginner Guitar (example)
3. How to Become a Voice Actor
4. Learn to Play the Harmonica
5. Reading Music
6. Piano Basics
7. Music Theory for Electronic Music
8. Acting On Camera
9. Auditioning Tips (example)
10. Belly Dancing for Beginners

Nurturing Knowledge: Academic and Tutoring Subjects

Catering to those with busy schedules, online academic courses offer a flexible option for learners to access education at their convenience. From STEM to social sciences, there’s a wide range of subjects to choose from, addressing the needs of students seeking to augment their education.

Online courses provide K-12 students with the opportunity to reinforce their fundamental knowledge in core academic areas like:

 – Mathematics
– Science
– Literature
– History

Although preparing for college can be daunting, online courses can provide valuable assistance. From university entry exams to advanced placement subjects and standardized test prep, these courses have you covered.

1. Mastering Algebra (example)
2. Art History
3. Coding for Kids (example)
4. How to Write a Research Paper
5. Anatomy and Physiology 101
6. Forensic Science
7. Test Taking Skills
8. SAT Prep
9. Creative Writing
10. Memory Improvement


That was 110 trending online course ideas. But we promised 111, so here you go:

Think of something that comes easily to you that others often compliment you on. Usually, it’s something so obvious or simple to you, that you ignore it. Maybe you’re naturally organized or read incredibly fast. Or you’re an amazing gardener.

With a little research, you can take this thing you’re already amazing at, and position it so that others want to learn it!

From a skill like gardening, you can do a little market research to find out what people want to know to find a profitable angle, like:

– Urban Gardening
– Gardening with Kids
– Starting a Vegetable Stand to Make Money
– Backyard Gardening
– Starting a Mini Flower Farm


Online courses are a growing industry with plenty of room for new teachers. Your profitable online course idea will come from combining what you know, what you’re passionate about, and what others are willing to pay to learn.

Choosing a trending course topic will help you gain traction and engage your students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What online courses make the most money?

The most profitable online courses are web development, data analysis, graphic design, IT certifications, programming languages, personal development, artificial intelligence, and arts & crafts. These courses have high demand and potential for substantial earnings.

What are some of the most profitable niches for online courses in 2024?

In 2024, the most profitable niches for online courses include tech topics like AI and data science, health and wellness, arts and crafts, personal finance and investment, language learning, career advancement, music and performing arts, academic and tutoring subjects, relationship building, and personal growth. Consider creating courses in these areas for maximum profitability.

How do I create an online course?

After choosing your course topic, you will want to create a lesson outline and learning objectives. Next, you will need to choose a course platform so that students can enroll and access content. Once your course is created, you will need a sales page and can launch your online course!